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I bought the game today with winds of magic expansion 'cause the game looked great and interesting. Aaaaaand, i had a lot of random crashes (in game or after the game launched…) That was my first crash. But not only one, i tried about 10 times, reinstalling fresh nvidia software and all but nothing changed, i got random crashes every time. This is my first game what crashes this much. (and i play a lot and not even a single crash for a looooong time in games like code vein, monster hunter world, payday 2, killing floor 2, final fantasy 14 online or 15.). I have a system for it i think (ryzen 5 1600, 16gb ram, 1060 gpu, a decent asus motherboard with bios updates. Help me solve the problem please!

Oh no! Could you try switching to DirectX 11 within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu and see if there’s any improvement?

If you are using any addons, turn off SimpleUI and anything to do with text, like clock, mission timer, boss timer, etc. Also Item Filter.
There was a patch yesterday, which broke some of the the addons.

This should not make you crash, but as general advice - free up all cpu resources you can, also turn all the graphic options that use cpu down as much as looks playable for you. This game is extremely cpu heavy, especially during hordes and certain beastman ambushes. During some of the latter I sometimes drop from 90-115 fps to 65, on a i9-9900kf@5.2 GHz all cores and rtx 2080 super.

In general if you’re new, I’d play with minimal set of known to not crash addons for the next few weeks and take it easy before they’ve fixed the recent crashes and addon developers have fixed their addons to work with the new patches, including after the next one next week.

Take it easy and don’t despair! The game has its problems but it’s like no other and extremely fun :slight_smile:
You can also ask for information and help and find people to play with at https://discord.gg/2SC5Xq.

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