Downloaded all DLC when Winds of Magic released, constant crashes since

No matter if I’m sitting at the keep or in the middle of a mission, the game will freeze for 5 seconds, move a couple frames, and then crash. Never had this problem before. This is the only game this happens with. I’ve been monitoring my CPU/Disk/Memory/GPU/Temperature the whole time. Receiving a GUID that doesn’t come up anywhere on a google search. Already uninstalled and reinstalled, never had any mods added, even doublechecked my Steam > Steamapps > Workshop > Content folder and verified that it is empty.

GUID: b099187c-41ed-4a83-bd86-150ac5b23c83
Log File:
Info Type:

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All I can see is a GPU crash unfortunately, could you try performing a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers using the instructions here, if you haven’t already?

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