Random crashes and "uninstallation"

Sometimes when I play, the game crashes. It is random. So I wanna start up the game again on steam, but PC freezes, doesnt react to anyting, I have to shut it down with main power button. PC on again, logged in steam, but play button on vermintide 2 in steam library is replaced with “install” button. So I klick install, steam searchers for local files of the game and no installation starts up. But this searching procces takes up to 1.5 hour. Then I can play Vermintide 2 again, only to crash again few minutes before the end of a mission.

The uninstallation problem is a Steam issue,not exactly the game’s.There is a chance for your game data to get “corrupted” whenever your pc isn’t shut down the proper way(BSOD,crashes,pulling out the plug,etc),leading to Steam not recognizing your game files

So Dame’s explanation above is correct regarding losing your installation, the PC losing responsiveness however is something we’re noticing more of recently. If on Windows 10, could you please navigate to ‘Settings’ -> ‘About’ and share with me your ‘OS Build’ number please? We’re looking in to an increase of players reporting that their PC is crashing and are wondering if it has anything to do with the latest Windows update.

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Edition windows 10 Home
version 1903
OS build number 18362.900
anything else you need?

That’s all I need! Thank you, we’re looking in to it.

So it looked like it was ok. Played 2 hours straight yesterday, no crashes, today i played 1-2 hours then it crashed. Again PC froze, but no uninstallation. When I tried to start the game again it crashed during launch
GUID: 6a3688eb-b8e7-48be-ad88-2dbc7955f6eb
Log File:
Info Type:

We’re hearing from some players that they’ve managed to resolve their similar issues with a BIOS update. I’d recommend looking in to this!

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