Random broken shield?

I crafted a spear today for my handmaiden and noticed that I have a random broken shield and I have no idea where it came from. When I equipped the same spear on shade or waystalker (wearing same gear), I have 5 full shields. Three from the weapon itself and +2 stamina property for weapon and necklace. Which, should be 5 full shields.

I looked through handmaiden’s passives and talents and nothing adds +1 stamina anywhere. I cannot explain where this random half stamina shield is coming from.



Is this a bug? Can someone explain it to me where this broken shield is coming from?

EDIT: this is happening with ALL of my weapons for handmaiden but I cannot find anywhere in the description of this career where she gets +1 stamina (half shield).

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Handmaiden has a hidden extra half shield for some reason.
So a hidden +1 stamina.
Not a bug, just a hidden passive.

Source? How do you know this?

I watched an old handmaiden video from August after winds released and the player did not have an extra half shield.

Kaelus is correct.

Handmaiden has a (hidden) passive that grants her +1 stamina/fatigue.

The passive has existed since the Closed-Test (Pre-Alpha), but has only been recently been modified to grant +1 stamina at Version 2.0.7 (Patch_007) 8-21-19.



thank you! it’s been really bothering me that I couldn’t find out where it was coming from and watching videos between winds beta and release, no one had that extra +1 stamina.

it was literally driving me crazy especially since I couldn’t find a single v2 video that had it.

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Welcome to Vermintide 2, where the machinations are totally hidden and points mean nothing!


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