Ragers have too much hit range

Me and my team noticed that ragers (no armour ones) have a huge hit range.
During melee combat, these guys still hit you from 3 meters away… I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t do so much damage.

The damage amount is ok, they are kind of berserkers after all, but the hit range is too much.

Loving the game so far.


I find more annoying that every character has a comment on them screaming… THEY’RE ALWAYS SILENT!!!


idk usually it takes 1-2 dodges back to get out of range

It does. I mean they reach too much. They hit you from too far away.

didn’t even paid attention to that, mb they do.
and also they not moving very much in their attack sequence.
so if you are out of range already you can just walk away while they swinging.
never had a problem with them honestly.

Yeah, fatshark added magnetic mobs back lol. I dont really like ragers either since theyre so sticky, even poxwalkers will magnet to a player.

maybe learn to dodge

Yeah the Ragers have invisible reach which needs to be fixed, they hit the air and you somehow take damage.


Depending on the weapon you’re using and if you can’t kill them right away, your usually safest using a mix of dodging and blocking since their fast attacks can sometimes overwhelm either dodge count or block stamina.