Radeon vega 56 issue


I have a friend that has a radeon vega 56 and with the latest driver installer
it now installs this random file called "amdihk64.dll in the c:\windows\system32\ folder
I can’t delete it nor when I uninstall the driver it is still there.

Because that file is there, EAC will automatically close the game.
I understand why that file is being blocked because it is unsigned code.
Can either this company or AMD resolve this issue and make a proper signed code so this won’t happen. Fair enough, that you didn’t make the card nor engineer the driver for that card.
At any rate, this issue needs to be resolved as I have scoured the internet and there is literally no solution to this issue.

The person has already reformatted onto a clean install of Windows 10.

Bios is up to date
running Windows 1903
uninstalled adrenal driver software and re-installed it
that file is still there even after uninstalling the software

In this situation I would recommend that your buddy reaches out to Easy Anti-Cheat directly using the link here, and includes a copy of the problematic DLL. They will be best suited to assist in this case.

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ok thanks, I’ll inform him and direct him to that.
hopefully EAC will resolve this issue =)

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