Question about Xbox vermintide beta Test server

Greetings, yesterday i Read There might be a super Secret Xbox Update beta Server, so i asked One of the insiders to please Invite, me they told me they Work With fatshark and if i told them my xbox system id they might Invite. me After Reading that Lots of people did that im quite torn apart, im pretty Sure you should Never do that but i might just be paranoid what do you say?
Much Love from the Xbox

I’ve been playing since the Xbox beta and am in multiple groups for the game. I’ve never heard anything about a group of that sort, and it just sounds way too fishy to put any personal information out there.

There’s a sign up here on the forums for the Winds of Magic beta. As far as I know, they said they were looking into doing a test beta for the xbox but are not sure if they can. And they don’t think PS4 supports that option.

I’d suggest asking @Fatshark_Hedge or @FatsharkJulia . Seems kinda fishy some random guy in game is asking for your info… Did he have a special portrait, you can normally spot FS staff with their shark teeth portrait and their text chat in game is orange.

This might actually be legitimate, we do have some players who are part of the Selective Retail Group which allows for early access to updates on the Xbox One. They don’t work for us but they do work with us. I’m sure it’s harmless but I wouldn’t recommend providing them with your information because you simply never know. :slight_smile:

For Xbox One, we’re discussing having an opt-in Test Group instead which will be similar to the existing Selective Retail Group, but allows players to opt-in themselves as opposed to us having to manually add people to it.

Due to this, we’re not sure right now whether the Selective Retail Group will continue, but if you’d like to be a part of it then PM me your Console ID (not your Gamertag!) and we’d be happy to add you.

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