Question about "A little something in your eye" challenge

A little something in your eye
Kill 25 enemies by dropping the cannonball on their heads in Fort Brachsenbrücke

First, I have never managed to kill anyone by dropping a cannonball on their face ; is there a special trick to this ? Can I do it by jumping and throwing the ball or do I have to be standing on a ledge above them ?
Second, does it have to be 25 enemies in one run of the map or can it be spread out over multiple runs ?

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

As far as I know it has to be in one run. Secondly, if I remember right, if you drop the cannon ball from far enough it will explode in impact making this a bit simpler (but i might remember wrong as it was long long ago, would have to try on Cataclysm maybe as I’m still missing it there).

So yea, you should stand above them. Fort Brachsenbrücke has enough verticality to enable this.


Does one person have to do all the kills or is it a team-wide achievement ?

You need to drop the ball on top of the enemies from a high enough place. The convex roof atop of the entrance to the fort is a good spot. Ideally you have someone with a shield who can just sit beneath you and tank the mob. You just need to hold the cannonball at the top of the vertex, jump and throw. it will explode on impact and kill a lot of stuff. Other spots may be better, but I always used that one.


To add onto this,do it during Twins.One cannonball is guaranteed achievement completion alongside pretty purple lightshow


Hello Saryk,

1st - I think it’s legend difficulty or higher achievement
2nd - cannon ball has to be dropped from a high height to make a “boom” effect when it lands
3rd - The whole group can work toward achievement, everyone gets, anyone can throw cannon ball.
4th - when you finally get enough kills, you should see the achievement pop up in the game text.

It’s a pain to do, easier if you have a group of friends that don’t pick up any books and just carry heal pots.

I think that covers it? Add me if you want help.
Vormar Mishap

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