The Cannon Ball

Issue Summary:
My friends and I were finding it unbelievably hard to get any kills with the cannonball for the Legend challenge so I’m not sure if we’re either doing it wrong or the hitbox is weird. However during the process we managed to get it stuck several times, mostly in corners but sometimes it even fell through the floor and did not respawn.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Pick up the cannon ball
  2. Throw into corners and walls
  3. Ball get’s stuck therefore you cannot complete the level

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Common (< 50%)

Additional Information:
Huge fan since release of VT1 guys, keep up the good stuff :slight_smile:

As far as I know (used it to kill once)
The fall distance is important and it explodes on impact without getting destroyed. This makes it totally useless to kill rats in a normal run because you want the ball to go up not down.

How far are you dropping it from? If you throw it from a high enough spot it should cause an explosion where it lands.

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Done this challenge several times.

You know the place where it spawns up high? On top of the “gatehouse” almost above where you first enter the fort?
Try having two people up there and then two down below kiting and getting the enemies in a nice tight little ball. Throw cannonball as close to middle of “school” of mobs as possible. Usually can get it in one or two throws this way.

If it spawns in the other location you can do the same thing by standing on…I think its a cart or something. This location is much lower than the one described above so you must throw the cannon in an upwards arc.

Hey, I was playing with my friends and We had the same bug of the cannonball getting stuck in the map geometry. Some pictures:


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