Quad Firerat spawn at the end of Athel Yenlui

This was on Legend, after finishing the end event and clearing the last wave of enemies. Right as the escape objective popped up, four Warpfire Throwers spawned in. As far as I know, only two of the same type are supposed to spawn at once in Legend, right?


when this happened for the first time, it was just a single flamerat in the bubble, doing nothing. then in time it somehow realized, that it can move, tried itself out of the bubble. it went so good, it invited a friend, a hookrat to join for a little walk. another flamerat joined the friendly duo, now, the 3 wandered happily outside the bubble. now they are 4. what’s next? in the tunnel to the bubble there will be an instant spawned chaos patrol ahead, and from behind these 4 BFFs?


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