Athel Yenlui Final Event

Not all enemies get killed by magic explosion during final fight after fixing crystals on Athel Yenlui.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Athel Yenlui.
  2. Get to the fight after crystal event.
  3. Don’t kill everything.

Noticed that every time some enemy survives during that battle. Mostly slave rats and fire rats behind unlocking path to portal.
Here’s a screenshot of warpfire throwers who don’t care about magic explosions at all.

If I’m not wrong (and I darn-well might be) anything that spawns after the explosion or is outside a certain range (don’t know which matters) doesn’t get cleared out. Did the explosion occur and they were standing in the arena when it detonated? If so, that’s for sure a bug.

If the explosion went off and afterward they wandered into the arena, that’s normal and has happened a couple times. Most finales continue throwing mobs at you if you don’t leave fast enough.


Warpfire throwers routinely drop down into the Portal area during the event, and aren’t allowed out until the end door opens, then they come tootling out - usually marching into a hail of fireballs/arrows/gunfire.

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I had some slave rats standing in front of me and survivng the explosion but didn’t magane to get screenshots in time. Their survival seems inconsistent: sometimes area is clear, sometimes not.
Maybe there are specific conditions for that scenario.

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