QoL suggestion

ive acquired a few items such as hats, costumes, and frames but im finding it difficult to remember where i got them from in the first place.

any way you can add another line at the bottom of each cosmetic tooltip stating where that particular hat/costume/frame was obtained?

for example:
-acquired hat from [name of challenge]
-acquired skin from [bogenhafen chest]
-acquired portrait from [halloween event]

just wondering if this could be added because someone asked me where i got a particular frame from and i cant remember exactly where. would just be nice if it was listed for future reference since more cosmetic items are coming.


I would like t support an additional tag line but for another simple reason. Currently, the frames are sorted purely alphabetical which means frames belonging to the same “group” are all over the place. Frames from the Weaves or from Kruber are spreaded in disarray over two pages.

For weapons, for example, they have an additional tag for the weapon type and the game first sorts by weapon tag than by illusion name. So weapons of same type are always together (unless you favourited one and not the other).

They could do the same for the frames like tagging one frame “Kruber - Mercenary A” and then the second “Kruber - Mercenary B”, the third “Kruber - Foot Knight A” and so on. Actually, for what i want i wouldnt even need to see the tag line :stuck_out_tongue: But some sort of additional sorting method other than purely alphabetical would be appreciated so that all Kruber/Bardin/Sienna …… frames are listed beside each other.

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that is a good idea actually. put similar frames together so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for faster.

QoL? We don’t do that here.

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