[QoL] Red Dust

As this game ages and Darktide gets closer we need new quality of life updates, especially if a new player wants to jump into this game and catch up here are some suggestions.

  • 1 Red Dust into 100 Orange Dust
  • Reduce Upgrade to Red Items (3 Red Dust from 5 Currently)
  • Red Dust purchase able through in game store currency Shillings
  • Scrap conversion, dump scraps into random lesser dust

I used to be against crafting reds, but at this stage in the game I think it’s really not a big deal anymore.

Between the many alt game modes that just ignore gear, the addition of new weapons only able be crafted via dust (4-7 new weapons per character) and classic skins rarity intact.

  1. At the high end, crafting all the new weapons and then finding a desired stat pairing requires many rerolls worth using unneeded red dust for rerolls.

  2. Crafting Reds remains a large undertaking for new players that lacks the reward of skins for classic weapons.

  3. Allowing Red Dust gathering through a non-rng method like shillings, which also benefits FS and player base by encouraging dailies further.

Yea or Nah?
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Personally I’d go as low as 2 dust for one red weapon. It’d already be enough to warrant that players can’t just trade-up red weapons with 1:1 ratio, but also reduce the time required to actually get full red gear significantly. Acquiring all veteran skins would still require the weapons to drop from vaults.

Call me opinionated, but having to scrape together 5-25 dust every time DLC drops really slaps my rats. It’s a huge project for people who don’t have that stuff just laying around.


2 red dust to craft one weapon. One red dust to buy a red skin from the emporium. Get’s rid of the RNG skin element but preserves the need to play legend or cata to get the weapons.

The terrible loot and progression system is the biggest flaw in an otherwise fun and challenging game.


biggest flaw? the loot system is bad but looses relevancy once you exeed maybe 200hplaytime while theres a broad selection of issues that persist for years…