QOL for chain sword and power sword

Just had a idea in regards to the special attack for some melee weapons such as the chain sword and power sword that would make them better and more fun to use, instead of the current setup where we have to stop what we are doing and press the special attack button to get the most out of them.

  1. Instead of having press a button to rev up the chain sword first before we swing, it instead revs up up during the swing so we don’t have to stop and press the button this has been mentioned multiple times already but I haven’t seen anyone mention what to replace the special attack with. The special attack is instead you rev up the chain sword to max in a long wind up and unleash a devastating single target heavy swing that goes through armor, this can be balanced by the fact it has a long wind up before the attack leaving the user venerable to attack which can stop the attack.

  2. For the power sword to power it up we press the button and it stays powered for a few seconds, I think we leave the button press the same but instead of it going off after a few seconds it goes off after we swing the weapon every say 5 - 10 swings as an example, the number of powered up swings we get is depending upon weather we use normal light attacks or charge up for more heavy attacks that way we get some use out of powering it up, and not having it ruined we we get hit and stunned for second and then the sword powers down requiring us to power it up again.

These are just some ideas I had that could make some of the melee weapons better and more fun to use to get that 40k feel when using them.

I’d love to be able to charge up the powersword more the longer I press, getting either a slightly stronger charged stab, or multiple swipe heavies based on charge.
It feels needlessly clunky. Though still fun.