A revised opinion on Power-Up weapons

I’ve expressed elsewhere frustration about having to power up weapons before each swing. In hindsight I was wrong, mostly. Unfortunately angry voices are always the loudest. I think its important to show support for good design as well.

I think the chain weapons are in a very good place generally speaking. The chain axe is possibly too good with great damage on basic swings and an extremely good push/block. The power up for chain weapons only needs to last one or two swings as it is specifically for Shredding elites and has an extended animation as a drawback. The extended animations and sound really sell the weapons and make them feel great even when not powered up. The force sword and thunder hammer function in a similar manner as far as only needing one or two powered hits. This works very well in my opinion.
My main concern here is “why would I ever use a mundane axe/sword?” Whatever mundane weapons are good at needs to be communicated to the player in a obvious manner because it’s a hard sell against the awesomeness of chain weapons.

My concern regarding the Power Sword comes from function. You only need one or two hits to deal with an elite with the single target power-up weapons so it feels great. But the Power Sword is a cleaving weapon. For hordes you need to keep swinging as long as they keep coming. Powering up every one or two swings for the entire duration of a horde is tiresome. I feel like this has room for improvement.

I have been waiting for an Eviscerator for 3 days and it still hasn’t shown up in the store for me :frowning: but if it cleaves like the power sword then I think the same problem exists.

Edit: So I finally got the chance to use the Eviscerator tonight and it’s great. The cleave on power up is nice but doesn’t feel like an obligation. The powering up to shred a single target is great and works like the other chain weapons. I’m still not sold on the Power Sword.

But generally speaking, these weapons are incredibly satisfying to use and I love them. Great Work!

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The power sword feels perfect. Depending on how soon you start attacking, I find you can get 3 or 4 heavy swings. Dodging backwards and activating it at the same time feels fluid and fast, you have minimal downtime.

It’s a shame Zealots mirror weapon, the thunder hammer, isn’t nearly as good.

Its perfect because its overtuned unfortunately. Theres no way that weapon isn’t getting a nerf imo, the weapon is just too good at literally everything besides dodging I guess but why dodge when you just one tap cleave everything. I mean I want point out the charge perk that allows you to have 2x the charge time meaning you can cleave 6-7x reliably before having to repress the activate.


Thunder Hammer’s “activated” state needs to last for more than one swing, and not turn off until said swings are complete (3 swings is enough imo). And it needs to cause a couple of things to be less lackluster.

  1. Massive impact damage (check)
  2. The “thunderous impact explosion” needs to knock down/back anything within 3m
  3. Anything within 4m needs to be in a “shocked” state for a short stun (1s is fine)

This would bring the Thunder Hammer in line with the other weapons and make it useful. It says “Crowd Control” on its weapon plate, but that thing couldn’t control a crowd if it tried, with the way its currently designed anyway.

There is no need to rev up the Eviscerator for hordes, just heavy-light-heavy-light until everything is dead

Revving it up though is amazing vs ragers and enemy Ogryns as it stun locks them while it eats into them

The Thunder Hammer feels good to me but AoE knockback would make it feel incredible. I don’t think it needs the stun. It is capable of crowd control by chaining heavy swings.

If it lacks anywhere I think it’s that the damage doesn’t reflect the slow speed and weight of the weapon with the charged heavy hits but damage numbers are easily tweaked.


I personally like the cleave on power up. It makes it super easy to hit hard targets since it will cleave through any small enemies and stick on the big one.

Yeah it feels great, I didn’t express myself well there. I meant it doesn’t feel like you are obliged to power up repeatedly when fighting hordes whereas I do feel that way with the power sword. Edited the original post.

The knockback is part of the Thunder Hammer’s nature and lore. I dunno why they wouldn’t include it. but it DESPERATELY needs it.

It needs it, but I’m assuming they(devs) think you can just perma knock back hordes so it would be OP i guess?

No it wouldn’t. Because you need to activate it. And it only lasts a single use. imo, it needs to last 3 swings. Not to mention that the AoE would only be 3m, and it takes a hot second to activate, it would be balanced and USEFUL. But we can’t have fun. No. Fun is FatShark’s antithesis.

yeah the horde is mostly flying around and are more disperse than actually die from the hammer.

mine is about 3.5/6 damage and 2/4 in CC.