QOL and Scanning Mission improvement

Scanning missions currently require you to look for items in the world, it slows gameplay right down and isn’t particularly fun. Imho the servo skull should scan an area (countdown) with the “upload” substantially sped up for every player within the scanning zone. This can be handwaved by the idea that the Auspex of each player is boosting the transmission signal. Also increase the areas that the skull has to scan and reduce the size of the area that the players have to be in.

The Auspex could now serve as a tool for seeing enemies approaching within a set radius. This would be information that would not be available all the time but could help those that struggle with hearing loss. Alternatively I think a small circular radar with a range of 20-30ms could be implemented. This will give directionality to approaching enemies but won’t reveal which type they are.

I actually personally like the scanning. Creates a new dynamic where now you have to have a scanner and 3 defenders and have to move as a close unit. Or, split into 2 groups which is riskier but faster. Overall I like it

I do wish we could use the Auspex to scan for the Tomes or Grims though.

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Even as a compromise I do agree that the auspex should have some further use other than a specific mission one. For scriptures and grims would be a start. If it could show enemies it could also solve a problem with Ventilation purge missions.

yeah, it’s use to detect specials/elites would definitely be cool, especially with the super foggy or dark missions.