Tedium of Scripture/Grimoire & Suggestion

→ If after reading, you agree with the post, please reply so that Fatshark can see this is a system we would like (Or feel free to add any critique of this proposal too… they need to hear all perspectives).

As a casual player who has played the game enough for many hours now… the initial ‘fun’ of exploring for Scriptures and Grimoires has well worn out now.

The game has turned into a ‘Get the mission done as quick as possible’ due to the amount of real time investment required for the weekly Requisitorium.

As a result, having to search every nook and cranny for the Scrips/Grims becomes extreme tedium and more of a nuisance than anything enjoyable.


  • Please give us a way to know if a Scrip/Grim is nearby.
  • If an alert is provided to the player (Audio queue, or even a UI denoting an item in the current area) Then we wouldn’t mind checking all the corners in that area and just run through the rest.

Another alternative way of doing this is to give us useage of the ‘Auspex’ scanner with a decent range on it… Then each zone we are in, we can whip out the scanner, scan either the exact location or an approximation ‘arc/cone/direction’… then searching wouldn’t be as painful. (To avoid clashes with scanning missions, either make the UI on the scanner different for different targets, or don’t put scrips/grims in ‘scanning locations’.

What I believe many of us want:
We just want to run through the levels quickly when grinding… any slow down quickly turns into frustration. Therefore please provide either all players, or just higher level players through (purchasing an upgraded auspex or something)… a way to get through the levels without having to ‘re-explore’.


I’m probably in the minority here, but I never like the books in VT 2 precisely for that reason. I never played consistently enough to memorize all the locations on all the maps, and especially when the challenge is supposed to be then taking up item slots instead going on a scavenger hunt it was annoying trying to find them. Especially now that their spawns are somewhat randomized, it woumd be great to receive some sort of indicator for where they are.

Yep I’d be fine with either the suggestions previously made, or even removal.

I think a sub-task would serve the same purpose also… if there was a room on the map where you had to hit a button… hold off a horde for a small duration (means you can actually do some fighting despite the slowdown), or grab a canister, load it in a rocket, press a button and shoot it off to the ship or something of that nature… then it’s not detracting from the mission… so something more event based with a ‘side quest waypoint marker’… then the reward is the same without the tedium.

Tho a strong side of the VT2 version was that you’d eventually remember -some- of the locations over time as most Grims and Scriptures usually evolved a little jumping mini-game or shooting down a ladder or something third. I often went “oh yeah, I remember that was something about a ladder here” or some line akin to that. But in Darktide, it is gonna be one hell of a time to remember what randomized dark corner of a room a grim POTENTIALLY can spawn as none of the Grims/Scriptures are tied to any mini-games/activities.

Basically, VT2’s system works bc you at least get a direct confirmation if there is a grim there or not, whereas Darktide makes you second-guess yourself if you remember correctly or if the grim simply ain’t there due to the RNG spawn.

didn’t have to read. anything else would be better.

Ok I could get into that. On a mission with books, just bust out the Auspex and then kind of gauge where it is in relation to current position. Acceptable

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