Put "F10 to cancel" to the matchmaking of the weekly missions

Put “F10 to cancel” to the matchmaking of the weekly missions. You cant cancel the matchmaking in this new mode righ now.

And please, dont hide your mistakes Fatshark.

No need for hostility/anger. Maybe edit the post and tag it with the suggestion tag? I’m sure it would get some positive responses if put forth with an air of civility.


I’m burned. Dont play with my time Fatshark.

Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. You sound very frustrated, but I still think you’d make more headway by being polite and not raging in the forum. It’s important to realize that when it comes to video games not every bug can be caught with internal QA.

A lot of times some bugs don’t even get seen until the game is put out there and exposed to thousands or hundreds of thousands of gamer’s computers. So whereas it’s important to report bugs, and I’m sure FatShark will be very grateful to have these bugs pointed out so that they can increase the game’s quality for everyone. I still think you should be respectful in your post.


if you can give me an example were insulting the people you want to fix your problem helps
let me know, as fare as i know, that approach yields nothing.


Let’s analyze this feedback post while it is in the wild.

This is a rather nuanced issue to be having. I don’t think most people would’ve caught that internally before release of the update (as @beardeddragon1225 so kindly points out; good lord, man, you have the most level headed responses; thanks for being part of the forums!).

I’ll check on this when I can, but it is an error that would be good to fix. Moreover, they are correct to say that this is either a bug or a suggestion, not feedback, and would certainly be responded to positively if you weren’t hostile. FatShark has made a point on this forum to be very responsive to user issues.

Maybe try wording it like this:

“Heyo, FatShark!
When I am queued to find a group for the weekly mission, there is no prompt for me to ‘Press F10 to Cancel’. Is this intended behavior? If not, would you consider adding one?”

I must disagree. Both of the Vermintide games have been the most satisfying and epic melee fighting games I’ve ever played. So they’ve got that going for them…

which is nice.


Try again OP.

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