Add F10 to cancel the matchmaking

Hi Fatshark, how are you?
We already know each other by similar publications but, today it is still not available to cancel the matchmaking in many ways and it is desperate and it makes you waste a lot of time having to wait for the new host to load before you leave and return to wait for your game to load.


They had this feature, when the game was released. However they got rid of it after some time.
I don’t think Fatshark ever officially told us, why and why they don’t bring it back, although it’s obviously a much missed feature, as people have already requested this feature back several times.
I have my suspicions, why they removed it, but those are just guesses lol.

Rumor is it was removed to prevent some kind of bug with people getting stuck connections.

I wonder how it compares to alt-f4 in terms of bug generation? Cuz that’s what I’m using instead now.