Purgatus Staff BURN mod Max Stacks is Bugged

Issue Description:
Soulflame / Warpfire stacks max out at 16. This is known in the community per developer comments and patch notes, as well as in-game items. For example, my friend, MilesHighwind, has a well-rolled Purgatus Staff (‘Image A’) with an 80% BURN modifier that says the max stacks are 16, of which he only has 15 stacks. This leads to the 1st bug/issue here -

Issue #1:
Even at maximum modifier value (80%), he is somehow not at 16 stacks. Some may be thinking the remaining ‘20%’ value not obtainable on the weapons yet is the reason why, but this should not be the case as any other weapon reports its specific damage/number values proportional to how close the modifier is to 80%, meaning that a modifier at 80% value should obtain the final reported specific damage/numeric value for that modifier. For example, see ‘Image C’ on how the ‘Stopping Power’ modifier at 80% reports the full damage values for that corresponding stat. This is consistent across the board in Darktide, except for this reported bug.

Knowing the above, 1st issue, leads me to the 2nd bug/issue here -

Issue #2:
I have a near-perfect Purgatus Staff (‘Image B’) with 80% burn that is not only reporting my max stacks erroneously at 15 (same as Issue #1, above), but on my Staff, for whatever reason, it is suggesting that the maximum stacks are 15, with no mention whatsoever that the maximum stacks are 16. Somehow, even though both mine and my friend’s staves are at 80% BURN modifiers, my staff is reporting it can only go up to 15 stacks (wrong) whereas his can go up to 16 (correct max stacks, although neither of us can seemingly reach ‘16’ at 80% BURN modifier). The fact that both staves are reporting different maximum stacks, regardless of whether both staves have a max BURN modifier of 80%, is a different bug compared to Issue #1.

Steps to Reproduce:
Obtain Purgatus staves with varying rolls, specifically 80% BURN modifiers, then compare the detail breakdown of the BURN modifier. Both mine and my friend’s accounts have the staves in question.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
all missions (bug relates to weapon)


*Player ID (mine, my friend’s):
Koopacabra, MilesHighwind

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
anytime, EST

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Image A - Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Image B - Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Image C - Imgur: The magic of the Internet


I have looked on multiple staves I’ve rolled over time and this is something I keep seeing come up.


This is one of the reasons people have had trouble trusting the % sliders to show how good a weapon is. If 80% is inconsistent then what can we believe?


Yeah, I noticed this too. Spent a ton of ordo to get an 80% burn and was gravely disappointed.

The details screen is full of inconsistencies. Some stats (like Cloud Radius) show the range of 0-100%, some don’t (like Burn->Max Stack) and show 0-80%. But yes, I checked my Purgatus and it’s showing at 80% burn 15 max stacks [8-16]

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In fact, 76% is 15 layers and does not require 80%


I’ve seen stacks accumulate to 16 before, though. Even my last staff, which I deleted after I made this one because it was objectively better, grew to 16 stacks. I never even bothered checking the details screen to realize BURN had this range.

It wasn’t until I made this new, almost near-perfect staff, and realized I was no longer to getting 16 stacks when I made this post.

When generating critical strikes, the stacking level is not+1, but+2

So if when you stack up to level 14 and the 15th attack happens to generate critical hits, you can stack up to level 16


after seeing the screenshot i’m surprise no one ask you if you use mods, because all weapon(if not most) show the value between 0 and 100% that why this mod exist:

if you don’t use it, its really weird

If you test for max stacks, you might get wrong results due to the last hit being a crit and applying 2 stacks (overshooting the regular max by 1 stack).

76-80% burn have 15 max stacks.

No bug to be seen. You posted images of staffs that all have the same burn stat resulting in the same effect.
You missed the fact that you are using a mod, of which you apparently do not know what it does.
It shows 80% bars as full (and displays 80% stats as max) while the default shows 80% bars as 80% full and displays theoretical max values at 100%.



  • uses mods
  • doesn’t know what they do
  • blames game for it

as others already mentioned if you crit at 14 stacks you reach 16 but by default 15 is max at 80%.
You or your friend has this mod installed Show Me Real Weapon Stats

I don’t have either the Blessing of the Omnissiah or Show Me Real Weapon stats mods and my staff shows Burn 80%, max stacks: 15 [8-16], compared to Cloud Radius 80%, Effective range: 16 [10-17.5], etc.

It might be doing (8*0.8)+8 = 14.4, round up to 15; if 76% gives 15 too when the real value is 14.08 and 75% is a flat 14.

Thank you for the productive comment. I suspect its an issue with rounding but its strange that different staves would list different max stack options, even if both are at 80%.

What are you on about?
There is no rounding error.

Your own screenshots show that both staffs have identical stats at 80% burn.

The only difference is the theoretical max value that is displayed.
Which is different due to the mod that you chose to use and then forgot about.
This has already been explained to you in this thread, at least twice.

I do use mods and I know what they’re used for, no need to be so hostile, however I should have tried toggling them all off and verifying without first - assuming they’d report consistently from weapon to weapon was a bad assumption on my end.

Toggling them off I do so the differences when inspecting BURN on my staff, and also the heavy las pistol 80% value is no longer max, so it appears how the mod reports that on the weapon details is the reason why there.

To your point about the critical strikes resulting in a cap of 15 vs. 16, do you have any links or reference materials for this, or was this just through personal testing?
From what I’m understanding it sounds like you can hit 16 if you crit from 14 stacks, otherwise expect to just max out at 15 for now for most stacks?

Thank you in advance!

Thank you for the critical clarifiacation. As for the mods, yes I use them and am aware of what they do, but my point with the heavy las pistol example was made off a bad assumption to believe that the mod would interpret the % ranges consistently across weapons. I should have performed the same tests without mods to be sure.

Thanks again for your time!

Thank you - this is the information I was missing! I also learned to not trust mods to be consistent in how they report values :wink:

Pretty sure that it was mentioned in some patchnotes at some point.
Pugration flamer (burn) and purgatus staff (soulblaze) apply 1 stack per tick. If the hit is a crit, it applies 2 stacks instead.

It can also easily be tested in the meatgrinder without any mods being needed.

Yes. This is how it was explained to you.
If the last dmg tick that can apply a stack, is a crit, it will apply 2 stacks (from 14 to 16) instead of 1 stack (from 14 to 15), resulting in 16 instead of 15 stacks on the target.

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Awesome, thank you for your time, clarification and ‘flawless’ expertise! Lesson learned to test without mods next time.

All the best to those in this thread! May the plasteel be forever in your favor.

Personal testing, but apparently it was mentioned in some patchnotes as Flawless mentioned.
One thing though, as I feel it’s relevant, 15/16 is only the max stack with Purg staff alone. Through Abilities/Perks (Venting Shriek and Perilious Combustion) it’s possible to reach up to 31 stacks.
In case you didn’t knew that already.