Pure and uncut Gameplay Reveal

ive seen some youtube channels putting out Full Gameplay of entire maps with ingame hud and everything.
(not sure if im allowed to post these)

there was a good amount of banter, tho its hard to tell from one mission to what extend these characters can bond. aparently you can select from a number of “personalties” when costomising your class, also backgrounds like what planet they’re from and the banter is gonna go into that not sure how indepth but there are plenty conversations. overall huge potential i think.

the gamplay looks phenomenal, if you turn up bass the weapon have a hefty punch great sound design. a few things i picked up:

-the zealot had 150hp and 150shield, while the veteran had 150hp 300shield might be class specific, could also be a skillpoint used or something.
however shield is only effective against ranged and even depletes fully when getting hit in melee.

-grenades might be class specific, when all grenades are depleted it doesnt show an empy grenade slot but the same icon with a 0 next to it and it can stack up more than one, veteran seems to have fragmentation and zealot fire genades the others are unkown to me.

-stamina there is a stamina bar that gets used when sprinting. your resorvoir is very little, 2s maybe less, i suspect its not to traverse the map but help you when youre cought out.

-healthbars some enemies have them im not talking about bosses im talking about regular traitor guard i don’t know the cause or reason, however it does not seem class specific both zealot and veteran had them on screen. (also dmg numbers could be seen)

in both the videos they played the exact same characters and they had the same names might be that the footage was from the same lobby or something, however the names given seem very 40k.

Male Veteran Named Titus, Female Zealot named Mira, Ogryn named Clob, Female psyker named Skyv. potentially their basenames?

overall it looked phenomenal, and alos quite different to vermintide,
had a few qualms like enemies being hard to see when they are further away due to them having blackish amor on backrounds devoid of color, or healthbars on normal sized enemies why would i need that…

so have i missed something, and what do you think?

I just saw PC gamer gameplay at their official youtube chanel. So I think you are safe.
Gameplay looks really nice. Hope there is an option for changing HUD (I don’t like those damage numbers and elite enemy icons). I hope we will be able to customise HUD. I don’t know if it depends on a difficulty but there is plenty ammo - so you can shoot all the way through the level. I didn’t like stamina bar that much (major Deathwing flashbacks :scream:). But overall I liked what I’ve seen .

I hope custom characters will have same chemistry as Ubersreik 5.

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i wasnt talking about leaking, i thought about exlusivity rights, linking the original should be a quotation but you never know with these companies from around the globe haha :sweat_smile:

PS the psykers voice was crazy and hectic, i reminded me alot of the psyker from dawn of war, maybe just maybe we gonna witness some doom?

It didnt look like anyone was carrying a health item…they used several health stations but…hmmm not necessarily a bad thing just an observation

Edit: somewhere around the 19 minute mark during the Hammer Chick segment she picks up a white box with a medical like symbol on it. Might be healing?

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i just saw a clip where a player used a health item, it reminded me of battlefield, a box thrown on the ground standing ontop slowly healing the player

The most successful gaming magazine in my country was apparently able to play the game for a bit and they are talking about there being no limit in what players can choose as their class in a run. Means that it will be possible for us to run a map with like 4 Ogryns. This should mean that the characters in Darktide will most likely be generic ones.

It was nice to read that this is possible though, being able to choose the same characters was always a feature asked for Vermintide.

Weird thought that your post brought to mind. Lets say you in fact have 4 ogryns…how would an ogryn do the hacking minigame (the one we see the zealot do in the video) to restart the skull xD. It would have to be a bone’ead to so much as know how to use the hacking pad…let alone actually DO the hack

I mean, is the Zealot really a better choice in regard to hacking?

The magazin also said that there will be 4 characters. An Ogryn, a Zealot, a Veteran Soldier and a Psyker. I dont really think any of them have the knowledge of hacking into Mechanicus stuff.

Still a higher chance then a regular Ogryn. One of the smartest bone’eads ive been able to find lore on Nork Deddog’s greatest intellectual achivements are writing his name and counting as high as 4. And he is concidered near genius among his kind…

Pretty deft hand in combat and can follow basic orders but…thinking…not so much

pretty sure they gonna overlook a slight inaccuracy in favor of gameplay, perhaps give him voicelines that indicate that the hacking sucess was purely coincidally (tho he himself might not relise that)

Im still curious rofl. Is he gonna have a giant size hacker device? Will he be using a human sized one with those ham fists? It may sound stupid but im REALLY curious how it is gonna work. Maybe he will have his own animation and go with the age old addage of “If it dont work…hit it”

Saw that video too.

The hybrid-combat is awesome !
I noticed that the sprinting is not very useful during combat, and it seems like there is no dodging anymore ?

Can’t wait to play! Wish there would be a BETA soon.

Theres another video - this one without HUD - that shows someone playing who wasnt lobotomized and actually seems to know that dodge is a thing. NEW DARKTIDE Mission 'FORGE' Playthrough! - YouTube

Thank you! Glad the dodging is still there.

Next time, they should post a play-through with “better players”, otherwise it might be misleading.

Well, gaming competence seems to be a tertiary factor when it comes to gaming journalists, apparently.

Looks like we won’t get stuck on tiny, random geometry variations in the terrain anymore like in Verm2, because most of the terrain is just flat without clutter now :smiling_face_with_tear:
also, we can vault railings now ! Yay ! But the slide animation looks like it needs some work still. We can see the veteran seems to transition really abruptly from sliding to crouching to standing…
Edit: Oops gotta eat my words. Just saw the zealot get defeated by a small elevation change while carrying the cryo rod \o/ love you Fatshark