Purchased weapons not appearing in inventory and a lack of variety in character loadouts

As a lvl 5 Ogryn I bought a couple knives in the shop to see what they are like and what the difference and stat bars does. It deducted currency, but I didn’t receive the items purchased. I purchased ranged weapons at the same time and those worked fine.
I never thought id say this but I sort of miss random loot too. The loot boxes were terrible but having to buy everything means you dont have weapons lying around to try out. Perhaps random drop on mission completion as well as a selling mechanic would help this? The shop refreshed after I bought the items, but that applied to some ranged weapons too.

I was also really hoping for more feats. Didnt they say characters would have lots of ability customization from lvl 1, but now you have to grind 5 levels with no options to change your characeter again. There are also a lot of stats that seem under used like stagger resistance, health regen etc. It would be nice to see more than the 5 barebones upgrades we have now.

Its a long shot, but it would be nice if wearing or not wearing armor mattered as well. Perhaps a good place to add stagger resistance perks or similar.

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