Psykhanium is nice, but what about more?

While the Psykhanium provides a much better testing ground than the dummies from V2’s keep to test out how certain weapons deal with different enemies, I’d just like to see it iterated upon.

You could even have mini scenarios you can load into, e.g.:
You spawn into a solo scenario where you as a single player need to survive against a fixed (by difficulty) wave of enemies that would be realistic for a single player holding a choke point in a real mission. Meaning you're going to get waves of pox walkers with some mixed-in specials/armoured units and find ways to deal with them, making space, or cleaving through to your target without getting killed.

Especially if you get a mini scoreboard at the end with; time taken, damage taken, damage dealt, crit rate, headshots, etc. With a fixed scenario in a solo situation, a scoreboard is giving much more useful information to work with and improve from if you want to work on your loadout and feat choices etc.

I’d also like to see situations where you get some dodge practice for dealing with disablers.

The basic training and advanced training covers some useful points, especially the advanced training teaching you to sprint and slide into cover and then into melee with ranged units, as that’s a new thing to deal with compared to what V2 players are familiar with and is a real game changer to put into practice vs just being mowed down while trying to shoot back at traitor guard patrols.

It’s also a perfect place to have information similar to the V2 Armour and Beastiry mods.

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