Testing Ground

can we get a testing ground to try out new weapons other then having to go in a match ?

You can use the Psykhanium in the hub area to test out weapons, but you have to load into it, which can take some time. Is that what you were referring to?

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where is that near ?

I want to say it’s down the left hallway from where you spawn in the Mourningstar. The entrance would be on the left side, should be some stairs down into a large room with a floating psyker in the middle. The tutorial the game gives you after you exit the prologue should also direct you there at some point.

If you interact with the psyker and select “Meatgrinder”, it’ll drop you into an arena where you can test out any weapons you want!

Hopefully they add Monstrosities to the meat grinder.


Yep. Also Pox Bursters and some way to take damage for testing feats that relate to that