Could we get an option to test weapons in the Psykhanium prior to purchase?

Thread title. It would be beneficial to try move sets and stats prior to purchase.

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Or maybe like in Vermintide 2, we could have a ‘prototype’ of each one for free but can’t be sold? Like a grey mk 100 of anything unlocked?

Would also like ability to activate individual enemies in Pshkhanium. Could be done with the Auspex we sometimes use which is on 4 when needed.

Heck, would like an example of each of the crafting materials pickups, (The last is mainly because I would like to look really close at the model for the Diamantine boxes.


It’s a psychic realm where any enemy can be made manifest, but not any weapon? It would be nice to be able to set some gear based goals on what you hope to buy in the future.

Combine this with removing the weapon type RNG and having the shop have one of each unlocked weapon type per class (all unlocked Veteran type weapons in the shop for the Veteran, for example) would make it a lot more fun working to build an at least somewhat personalized operative.