Allow Use of Shop Weapons in Psykhanium

It would be great if we could access all of the items that are currently available in the shop while in the Psykhanium meat grinder instance. This would allow users to ‘trail run’ a weapon before they commit to purchasing it.

Since damage numbers are already displayed while in the training instance, this would allow for easier comparison between weapons. This would also act as a stop-gap while development of the revised stat UI is being worked on.

It is pretty disappointing when you spend several mission’s worth of gold on a weapon that you don’t like. I’ve even purchases weapons thinking that they were a straight upgrade just to release later that it is a different ‘mark’ revision and thus behaves differently.


Now this is a awesome suggestion, where you could test out the weapons in the shop before buying them so you actually can determine if that weapon with 10% higher stat bar is worth another 15000

If this were to be implemented, it would be worth exploring further options like including the current contract store items or allowing trial of a grey version of each weapon that are potentially available to your class level.