Psyker with guns?

Anyone tried playing the psyker with guns instead of staves?

I don’t like any of their staves, so I’ve tried with the Accatran VIIa and VId variants and the Shredder Pistol so far. Haven’t figured out what’s best for them yet. Going to try a Mk III Headhunter next.

VId is okay, but really ammo inefficient in my opinion. Also, I feel Infernus is really overrated. I prefer the VIIa because it actually pierces Groaners AND Poxwalkers meaning you can fairly efficiently deal with hordes. Shredder Pistol is better than VId, but worse than VIIa in my opinion.

What blessings and perks are you running?

Build-wise I’ve been running 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2.

I have a 30 Psyker on Xbox live and a 21 on Steam. I have a gun build for both and love it. Which imho is due to my chosen gun which is the Recon Lasgun. Lots of ammo and on secondary fire lays down death easily.

After that I use a combat axe or power sword then headpop all the big boys.

tl:dr 9 out of 10 on the fun scale and if you get a good gun you’re a force to be reckoned with.


Gun Psyker generally works fine.

  • The playstyle’s main strength is killing ranged enemies better than you can with staves.
  • The main weakness is usually horde clear, as none of the guns will provide the horde clear of a Purgatus (and to a lesser degree Trauama/Voidstrike). (This is an issue of flamethrowers being overpowered rather than Gun Psyker being particularly weak.)
  • x,x,x,x,1,2 is definitely the right way to try to offset that weakness through feats, as you build up to a periodic giant horde-clear nuke.
  • Catachan w/ Cleave blessing or Combat Axe with BrutalMomentum will help solve the horde weakness too, but overall the class just doesn’t have a great great horde-clear melee weapon (Catachan seems to kinda want to be a “generalist” melee, but it just doesn’t quite do anything good enough and so I think they’re probably slightly underpowered.)
  • Kantrael XII remains a strong choice due to overpowered ammo capacity, good damage per shot, below-average DPS against many targets, except great DPS vs. Mutants and unarmored Maniacs.
  • The other Kantraels are less powerful (especially vs. Mutant/Maniac, which leads me to suspect maybe the XII’s strength against those wasn’t intended?).
  • Accatran VId is the best Recon Lasgun, with better DPS against ranged enemies, Maulers, and Flak Maniacs than the Kantrael XII. Unfortunately it’s significantly worse against Mutant/Maniac. It has perfectly average ammo capacity (44k damage all shots fired, which is the way I measure a weapon’s ammo efficiency)
  • Accatran VIIa is good too, with similar ammo capacity and DPS (it does vary a bit unexpectedly though: for example it does slightly more DPS vs. Maniacs, but slightly less vs. Flak Maniacs). It also has 2 pierce (VId has 1 pierce so it’ll pierce an unarmored horde but not an infested, but VIIa’s 2 pierce means it also pierces one infested enemy…and I think damages 3 unarmored if I remember right?). It doesn’t really have the ammo capacity to justify shooting hordes much though, unless your group is somehow doing great on ammo overall.
  • Infantry Autoguns I struggle to see myself using but I haven’t really played with them in quite a while so maybe they got better?
  • Headhunter Autoguns probably have potential, since again I think the strength of gun psyker is being able to clear ranged enemies at a fast pace and Headhunters are doing that role fairly well nowadays. Vraks Mk VII has been my favorite, it’s a 1-shot semiauto great for lots of headshots.
  • Autopistol I really love on the Zealot, but I don’t know that it’s a great fit for gun psyker (because it isn’t made to kill ranged enemies at range). But apart from that significant disadvantage, it’s a pretty great gun nowadays. (I think it still needs ammo too? I forget.)
  • Laspistol I still think underperform against too many target types, however it’s very rewarding of headshots if you’re a very precise player. Still has ammo issues too.
  • ** Revolver** is a great weapon but again doesn’t seem to be a great fit for gun psyker. You’ll just spend too much time reloading if you use it much, and the ammo supply is awful.