Psyker ultimate bugs

  1. Often the ultimate comes with a delay of ~1s. Dunno if it´s related to server ticks or something. My connection and hardware is fine.
    Thought it was related to sprinting, but it doesn´t matter how you move, it just happens and that quite often.

Happens more rarely, but if you´re on the top of stairs or similar groundings (like on the picture) and use you ultimate, it happens that the enemies even just 1 or 2 steps lower on the ground don´t get hit by the ultimate.

  1. Had 2 different situations. Once the ultimate goes off, but not any enemy got hit. The other one i heard the ultimate, my Psyker did a standard-slogan, but nothing happened and the ultimate was not on cooldown.

  2. Pox-burster can´t be knockbacked anymore. Have tried it 3 or 4 times and nothing happened. Dunno if it´s based on the difficulty i´m playing, but i´m sure it worked in beta.

  3. Can´t say if those are bugs or just “bad aim”. The range seems in a bit inconsistent in all directions. Also is a bulwark able to block the ultimate? Had it happen that none of the enemies behind him got burned. The bulwark himself burned.

Sidenote: Dunno if it´s because i swap a lot between melee, range and brainburst… but it happens way too often that the input isn´t recognized correctly. E.g. It mostly happens while reloading and going back on the melee weapon, that i interrupt the reloading animation, but also cancel the swap just to sit there again with an empty weapon.
Same if i swap fast from BB to a weapon. I think it really needs some work… worked fine in V2, but here it happens way too often that i sit on a weapon or G-ability i didn´t wanted.