Psyker stuff and other things

Why can I charge my brainburst with RMB, but can CANCEL it with LMB when its not fully charged and STILL get peril?
Im sorry I didnt wait another 0.1 seconds despite the meter being full, guess I have to precharge again.
Can I retain the charge on my brainburst when the initial target I charged on dies before I can release it, so I dont feel like a meme?

Fix feat descriptions, what is Soulblaze and what is it actually doing? I sohuldnt have to use google for something that should be explained in game.
Fix items descriptions, when my Duel Swords tells me every attack in a string, be it light or strong, is a single target, but I get a perk that tells me if I hit 3 people I get %dmg for x seconds, I shouldnt scratch my, wondering how that should work or that

Show weapon buffs in your buff bar.

Fix hound hitboxes. Im tired of getting pounded on when I dodged behind a solid object.
Fix mutants doing a 180% when you dodge them around corners.
Fix the cue sound not playing when you are about to get hit.
Fix the missing special kills in the upper left corner, I would like to know when a sniper/bomber is down.
Fix specials not playing their spawn or ambient sounds.

Fix the server sided hacking game, its frustrating to be on top of a rune, just to get a miss and start over again, just so I have to press the rectangle way before its over the rune to make it count.
Same problem with runes that are in a specific order, when you hit the first row, go to the second row and the rune is the second next to the border, it wont count, no matter how fast you are, you will ALWAYS have to wait a full round in that row until the rune counts.

Improve the Meatgrinder for actual wave sizes, give me the ability to take damage so I can test skills, add bosses.

Add a button for mission select like you did in VT 2 so I dont have to run to the mission table over and over again.

Remove ammo and grenades from psykers when they dont have a gun.
Fix bursters exploding randomly everywhere.
Medicae stations need charges shown when marked.

Hope you dont take 3 months to patch/fix these things like you did in VT2 … Im betting the bug I reported years ago for VT2 in the beta forums is still there.
Still, good game for what it is, you struck gold thrice and still manage to botch the launch, yet again.


Enemies here will always be stacked. Fix it.

Unreachable. Fix it. And fix all the other spots aswell.

Enemies spawning through walls, instead of the door right next to it. Fix it.

It does feel quite bad there are a number of things I would like to happen to BB and warpstacks.
maybe a look at the dmg BB gets from warp charges specifically. Potentially an increase in speed from having more of them. I wanted warp charges to stick around longer by not entirely dropping off because they’re a pain to build back so I wanted them to drop off one at a time, or just have a higher duration before a drop-off because combat has luls, especially on harder difficulties where you really don’t want to be a bull in a china closet. something simple would just be to refund a larger amount of peril when your target dies before it off shouldn’t be out of the question. and neither should be getting a stack if you’ve charged on a single target to over 75% your time shouldn’t be wasted on a target. but these are just my opinion on BB and stacks

at the very least it should be a tooltip. and the damage explained as well as how meany stacks u can have especially when blessings explain it and things like the vets grenade sease what it does as well as the Ogryns heavy bleed stack ability.

This isn’t just important for testing and finding bugs but knowing wether it suits your needs and taste as a player and its a standard to alot of games I don’t know why it isn’t here.

I don’t disagree with any of this I can’t name a single time I wasn’t frustrated by not hearing my swoosh. and being clubbed by an audience of carapaced mobs or grabbed and pounced from a 180 or pounced through boxes and not being frustrated. I haven’t noticed specials sound not coming through or not seen a kill not appearing in the corner but I believe it happens I’ve seen other threads about it.

this isn’t even a skill issue it just feels bad. the mini-game doesn’t even give feedback.and yet another thing that could go into the psykanium for feedback reasons.

what do you mean I’m not sure I understand

I’ve only noticed this happening when there CCD but still ticking frequently.

this is actually a very good suggestion. i would also like to add that we could use the through walls frame of party members always on option from VT2

fully edited part I didn’t include I basically agreed with with no real comment other than yes.

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Gotta be honest, I mostly run an Accatran and the feat that gives you a 4% chance of a stack when teammates kill something, to utilize the dmg buff with an actuall range weapon. Im either constantly on 4 stacks or 0, even in waves. Its weird to have, but a lot smoother.
That said, Im leveling the psyker but alot of feats feel pretty bad.

Psykers dont have grenades, nor ammo, depending on the weapon. The symbol on the portrait should be removed so its easier to check ammo for the group when you glance over to the portraits.

I’ve found myself drawn more and more to Guns of all types based entirely on what a group has or lacks. No mob clear il use a void staff or a purgatory no one changes the other depending on the group if I use a pergator I use the last perk that gives a chance for a stack when I kill something with soul flame in a lot of situations its the same as your and Kinetic layer a 10 chance to BB a target I hit with any attack guns melee doesn’t matter and it seems to go off quit often in those situations I have nearly unlimited amounts of charges. But there are fights where it just seems to get nothing at all its rare but it happens. and as much as i love the purgatory it lacks range utility so much so that
i find myself waiting for ranged mobs to die to do my job which causes my stacks to just drop. that and the left click on the rest of the staff are awfully the projectiles are big so it doesn’t go through fences it gets caught on doors it shouldn’t be able to and compared to a Kantrael it does no dmg/dps
and mobs often outrun it. Not to mention the animation itself adds a delay to it all and there’s no AOE just a lot of single-target stagger. so to your point guns are fun but it requires a very specific build. alot of perks related to survivability that you can benefit from in a fight only help latter in the fight when you’ve gained charges from things not at the beginning where you need them the most.
Sorry for going on a tangent but I care because i main a Psyker. there’s too many things that just slap together poorly. so yes they feel Bad.

Okay i understand now, it would seem pretty reasonable to replace the symbol with an infinity sign for grenades and ammo when you don’t have a gun.

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I fear its bugged though, it says it has a 15sec CD and doesnt work on critical peril (I assume red peril %? because who needs accurate descriptions), yet I can trigger the talent while in red peril AND shortly after triggering it on another mob.
Or it might be a 15 sec CD on the same target I dont know.
And dont get me wrong, I would like to use a staff, but the only ones I sort of like are the voidstrike (the one with the chargable orb you fire), the lightning one, but that feels awful now and then because it sometimes doesnt hit max targets for whatever reason and, if I would get a good one, the flamethrower staff.
But if theres already enough waveclear, which will most likely be the case because zealots arent a rare breed in this game, I prefer a lasgun.

it very well might be bugged i guess we will see but its defiantly a 15second timer and I think that likely makes it easier to proc with weapons that are faster like the acceltra recon and staffs like the purgatory the surge staff wouldn’t be so bad at it either but the way they do dmg is kinda weird the last hit seems to do all the damage otherwise I seem to fight with myself on a devil claw or the mk v dealing blade its just so tanky and mobile I cant help myself

Fix enemies tracking you through walls.
This is pretty obvious and annoying with snipers and shotgunners, who precharge their stuff and yeet you away after you blink around a corner.
Fix shotgunner blasting you for FULL damage through a wall and solid options.

Fix enemies spawning behind you in a cleared room with no entrances.
Fix enemies spawning LITERALLY behind and in front of you when you look away for a split second when you fight a horde. And no this is not a case of “well better make sure enemies are dead before you move on”. The enemies dont exist until you look away.
We had this stuff in VT2 already and it was just as annoying in that game.

Here for example:

we got ambushed by 2 gunners and some shooters, they literally spawned in an empty space.
There are no doors there. Why can they spawn there, why do you ahve designated space points when you make them spawn anywhere anyway?

Fix the spawn of enemies behind that gate.
Bombers are especially annyoing because they can throw their grenades over the fence and stay behind the slope.
Snipers are just as annoying here.

Fix enemies spawning out solid walls.