Psyker: Quelling Should Be At Base Movement By Default

It may just be me, but 99% of my pub games are Sonic ‘Gotta Go Fast!’ rambo players:

  1. Ignoring their teammates
  2. Ignoring mobs.
  3. Ignoring specials
  4. Running ahead as far and fast as possible.

Because of that, Psyker does not have Brain Burst. It does not exist.
I can’t spend the time charging it, or I get swarmed by the mobs SanicOC ignored.
I can’t quell, because I get slowed down and can’t keep up with SanicOC.

Because 99% of the player base has no idea ‘teamwork’ is a thing, and treats their teammates as NPCs and treats the game like they’re at Games DoneQuick; Psyker needs a bit of a buff to keep up.

My suggestion?
Make the ‘Psyker moves at normal speed when quelling’ basekit, and change that perk to ‘Reduce charge time to Brain Burst’ by a % amount.
Or maybe ‘Reduce Peril gained by pre-charging Brain Burst’ by a % amount. To make the right-click pre-charging without a target more useful.


I agree that quelling should not slow you down by default, but the class is already focused enough on Brain Burst, I’d rather not replace a general-purpose talent with a brain-burst-specific talent.

I’m not replacing a general purpose talent.
I’s suggesting the talent that ONLY changes Quelling to base movement speed be base and replace it with something else.

I mean, it’s only purpose is to quell while moving faster, which happens after a Brain Burst so it’s not really general purpose.

…I quell all the time while using staves, IDK what you mean it’s not general purpose.

But if default movement speed for Quelling becomes basekit, as per my suggestion; what will the perk that does just that now do?
Hence why it will need to change, because it will be defunct as a perk.

Right, I’m not disagreeing with that part of what you said.

I’m just saying, the new perk that replaces it should not just be focused on Brain Burst, it should be more broadly applicable to different parts of the Psyker kit.

Fair but what can it do?
If you tie it into his saves; it’s too niche and useless for Psykers who don’t like staves.
There’s already a plethora of perks to recover toughness, or raise Warp resistance, or quell Peril.

Maybe change it to ‘Increase Peril Quelled when manually Quelling’? (IE: Not the passive. The player has to hold R)
That would help 3 uses:

  1. Brain Burst
  2. Staves
  3. And spending Peril to block when at critical health, if someone is using that perk.

Oh, or maybe ‘Block ranged attacks at the cost of Peril increasing’?
Basically, using this Perk could allow Psykers to block ranged attacks, but every attack blocked raises Peril? So blocking too much or blocking too many attacks at once = Kaboom

Either one of those would be good - or something more unique, like “taking damage does not interrupt quelling.” I don’t know exactly, I just tend to prefer talents with a more broad benefit.

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I agree, having to pick up a talent to be allowed to quell while moving is annoying. Unless you have that talent quelling is basically a “get left behind by your team” button.

Staves also have full movement while quelling built in, so that makes the talent a lot less useful to the weapon that uses quelling the most.

Maybe replace this talent with one where you generate a warp charge every time you quell down to 0 from critical warp heat or something like that.

Staves also have full movement while quelling

I don’t think it’s full movement - it’s definitely faster than, say, quelling with your hands, but it still feels slower than walking normally.

Generating warp charges while quelling sounds like a great idea though.