Psyker Kinetic Flayer feat is not the right stat value

Issue Description:
Psyker feat “Kinetic Flayer” is a 5% chance, not a 10% chance. I hit a crusher in psykhanium 1500 times, (500 on video) and got 74 total procs, being just about 5% rate

Steps to Reproduce:
I noticed the proc chance seemed fairly low for the ability, so to verify i want into psykhanium, used only melee with no peril, and hit the crusher 1500 times, of those 1500 times only 73 times did the ability proc and cause a head pop, instead of the expected 150.

Upload Supporting Evidence:
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In the video i only counted 500 hits, getting 23 procs, I didnt record the original 1000, but if im crazy enough to do this you can trust me lol
2022-11-21 20-41-24_compressed (too large for upload)


Did you account for the cooldown in your testing? Proccing the feat has an internal cooldown of 15 seconds, should say so in the description. That might be skewing your tests.

Oohh good catch! Ill run another test and reply here for times sake ill probably only run 250 or so since it will be a longer test and ill need to compress / upload the file somewhere else again. Ill get that done today!

If you want to, sure! But just in case, I asked the devs and got a confirmation that the code agrees with the description, at least as far as they can see.