Psyker in general may benefit from a rework

Compared to other classes, Psyker seems to need to do a lot more effort for sometimes a lesser effect. Many of the Force Staffs also feel underwhelming and generate too much overcharge for their effect.

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I just finished leveling up my psyker to lvl 30 the other day. It was the first character I created, but the last to reach max level, as I just didn’t have as much fun on psyker as I did on ogryn and zealot. Even veteran, who I initially thought would be boring, turned out to be much more fun than psyker. I even considered not leveling the psyker up, but I just couldn’t bear to see my character list with one character not at max!

My experience really boiled down to how the psyker was extremely dependent on getting a good staff. Using anything other than a voidstrike or the lightning staff felt extremely bad or clunky. Dealing with hectic rounds where you’re constantly surrounded by enemies was a real slog, and if I wasn’t constantly CC’ing enemies they’d tear me to pieces. This meant I had to pretty much park myself in a corner and hope the others could protect me - not the most common occurrence in a public match.

Using the brainburst on Heresy and Damnation feel… not bad, but slow. And situational. The burst is weak, only usable against dreg and scab specials. The rest of the time my efforts are best spent blasting lightning or throwing explosions around. Even hounds become a problem on Heresy+, since they don’t die to a single BB. I actually lost a clutch the other day, when I just didn’t have the time to BB a dog twice in a row with two crushers tag-teaming me.

Overall something just feels off about the psyker. Sure, the guy’s essentially a demon portal waiting to happen, but that shouldn’t translate to how it feels to play them. I also had trouble picking up talents. You’re either playing around managing your warp charges (which is an entirely other can of worms) or you’re doing… something with your talents - they just don’t seem very coherent. I don’t hate the psyker. I just don’t feel like its rewarding to play as one.


This is exactly why BB needs a buff contrary to the original argument stating they didn’t want Psyker to do only that

As long as BB stays so weak and pointless, there is absolutely 0 reason for me to use any other weapons than a staff

I have 370-380 autopistol, laspistol, duelling sword, devil’s claw, combat blade, infantry lasgun and recon lasgun

All off which will just stay there and collect dust as long as BB stays crap and Psyker feats offer no synergie with ranged weapons

I know some Psykers run lasguns, but that’s because lasguns are just good weapons and if that’s the weapon you want to use then run a Veteran instead

If they don’t want to buff BB’s damage, then it needs to cast twice as fast base
If they don’t want it to cast faster then it needs to at least reliably one shot most of the specials except for the toughest