Poll: Psyker's design

Hey everyone. I’ve got a poll here. I urge you to vote and show that we encourage fun, not a chore.

Poll on Psyker


The view on Psyker could be pretty different from different perspectives:

  • Casual player leveling in 1’s and 2’s
  • Endgame players with a permanent groups in Damnation
  • Dumbasses like me, doing quickplay with randoms in III’s and IV’s
  • People who don’t actually play the class, but still have a strong opinion

I’m not sure how much weight should be given to each constituency.


interesting i was hoping for more questions

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Problem is most people who play Psyker or HAVE played Psyker say it feels bad to play. No Feat synergies, reliance on Brain Burst to even remotely make your kit’s Feats do anything for the most part.

It’s poorly implemented and designed.


It’s the one class I don’t feel very comfortable with currently, but that might be a me problem. I’ve seen plenty of Psykers pull their weight.

Not that we can’t pull our weight, but we’re doing so without making use of most of the feats.

It’s the staffs that’re pulling the weight. Brain Burst is an afterthought.


Which I think is okay as a design since it’s in the “grenade” slot, and it can be modified by feats.

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With little to no synergy, and it relies on “kills” to be useful, which is worthless on Heresy and Damnation since the skill does not scale with power level (of which we have no average like we did in VT2), making it infinitely more useless with every difficulty bump.

Yeah. “Real great”.

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Genuinely one of the worst classes in the game. Every time I decide to continue to level up my Psyker, I play one or two games and find myself to be bored of it. Brain bursting is boring, who honestly thought this was a good idea? Sure, you feel useful at times. But is it fun? Absolutely not.


I don´t even use a staff, i go in melee with the force-sword, stack my warps with the auto BB and through my teammembers and then unleash my ultimate to burn hordes down with 4 stacks from the dot and a higher range than a staff has, meanwhile using BB here and there to take out gunners / snipers when its needed.

And that´s just one example how you´re able to play Psyker.

Being like “Only the staff carries” or “Feasts doesn´t synergize / are useless” seems more a to be a “You issue”. It´s probably more that you and others either don´t find builds you like, the class overall is just not for you, or you´re not good at it.

Psyker has a bunch of possibilities to be played. BB is always there to deal with a bulwark or range-elites. Even on damnation you still oneshot gunners / trappers and snipers.
Meanwhile the special of the powersword deals easily with rager / maulers and armored enemies, otherwise just pick an axe?! The staves bring cc and good horde damage as much as the ultimate can be used in defense or to play aggressive.

So what´s the matter? The standard complain like “But Vet can do it better”?
Of course he can, because he scales with weaponpower and stuff like Bolter / Powersword are already busted and need a nerf.
A lot of poeple focus way too much on BB aswell. It´s a nice skill to deal with specialists at any time even around corners or to do some boss damage. But spamming it all day long? Of course it´s boring… how about using melee / range after you took out that sniper?

Again, Psyker has a lot of possibilities to play and the class is pretty much balanced. Just because you don´t oneshot everything with BB on damnation, doesn´t mean the skill or the class is useless.
There might be little tweaks needed… but being like “We need a rework!”, because you don´t see the strength in a versatile kit with nearly unlimited ressources or just don´t like how its played, is pretty much dumb tbh.


You’re playing a melee Psyker that ‘burns down hordes’ with the pitiful soulblaze stacks from your ult?

Mkay. Sorry to say, but it sounds like you’re being carried by your team, especially if you play 4&5. You can play any way you want to, of course, but that playstyle has to be one of the least efficient ways of Psykering.


You better try it instead of judging about something you haven´t even tested by yourself i guess.

Also games are not about “being efficient”, they´re about fun. If you have fun sitting back while spamming your staff, it´s up to you, but not my case.
I´ve also said it´s just an example how to play Psyker and i´ve no issues on higher difficulties especially since i´m used to melee anyway. Forcesword is great to kill elites and has a decent waveclear assisted by my ultimate.

(Relying on the most broken / powerful stuff is also boring af and takes a lot of needed skill out of a game. But that´s just my opinion…)


I’ve certainly played around with Purge builds that obviously use the same ultimate as you do. The stacks barely do anything at all.

And like I said, of course you can play however you want to. Different people find different things fun.


This 1000% (the rest of your post also)

I’ve got about 40 hours with the psyker and increasingly I can’t understand why people are complaining so much. The psykers kit is very cool IMHO and working well. Do a few things need tweaking and some measured buffs for difficulty 4+ Perhaps.

But really people need to just stop comparing themselves/psyker to the vet on the basis of sniping specials at range. Stop thinking BB is the corner stone of the whole class. It isn’t. Stop thinking that warp charges and maintaining full stacks are all that matters, it isn’t.

I’m finding some amazing utility and synergies in the class and tinkering around with different feats abd weappn blessings is awesome.

Voidstrone staff with refunding peril on headshots? It’s incredible.

Hell, the void strike can be used as a quake-style rocket launcher or an infinately penetrating rail gun with an explosion at the end. It’s glorious.

Force sword using deflector with the blocks raising peril? Amazing.

The force sword special attack combined with push attack is amazing. See that mauler? Knock it on its ass, charge the sword, and execute it. Psyker has some amazing high impact potential in CC.

Don’t like relying on BB? Take Any weapon with the 10% chance to BB on hit perk and go to town. It’s amazing.

Do you know what the vet can’t do? Kill a special that’s ran away around the corner after they miss a shot. BB can kill specials from safety or when they run out of sight. This is so useful.

People are playing psyker and seem to want to avoid melee combat and/or rely WAAAAAAY to much on BB. They get tunnel vision and stop thinking about how other weapons and feats might work well with different play styles.

I welcome some buffs to the psyker - but if everyone’s collective complaining results in unanticipated consequences (like complaining about force sword pushes raising peril meaning that the psyker lost amazing CC abilities) then I’m going to be pissed.


Just check them out in the testcenter. They do they´re job, but of course it´s a dot that needs time.
The other way would be like “Use the staff, waste time on taking away the heat…”

Since there is no real DPS meter and spawns change from run to run, circumstances change from run to run… you´ll never really know how good something is in reality unless it´s something like an overscaled bolter oneshotting elites AND melting hordes.

EDIT: The only more useless feast seem to be the “burn a close enemy after using BB, focusing on elites”, since 2 stacks are really not that great and it doesn´t procc well. But the ultimate with 4-6 stacks ticks fine through a horde. Helps a lot to finish them quicker or burn them to death anyway.

Did you notice how you’re bursting from the seams about how good the weapons are, how good certain blessings on those weapons are?

Nothing of that has anything at all to do with the class Psyker - Psykinetic.

Now for all I know, we might get Psyker - Master of the Staff or Psyker - Melee Warper in the future that actually make sense. What doesn’t make sense is Psykinetic, which is all over the place, and is built around stuff that doesn’t synergize at all. It’s great that you can find perks and blessing that synergize with weapons. That’s a weapon synergy though, it doesn’t actually create synergy with anything in the talent tree.


Yes I think we can all agree that the perk to apply soulblaze on BB is… uh… not good! Even if BB scaled and you could actually BB more elites in 4/5, it still wouldn’t be worth it, because… 2 stacks do zilch.


Psyker has been my main and while I have fun playing the class there are some aspects that feel frustrating. I run with the Mk V Duelling Sword (I just didn’t get on with the Force Sword, I’d like other Force melee options) and Voidstrike Staff, and usually stick to brain burst to deal with armoured enemies, far away specials and occasionally to help pick off far away Scabs with lasguns.

I’m not saying anything that hasn’t already been said on these forums many times already. Too many of the talents feel tied to brain burst. While you can get away with using it as your ‘main weapon’ on the first two difficulties it really starts to fall off in effectiveness later on with the slow cast time, large amount of peril generated and single target focus compared to using a staff. This leaves me feeling like half of my talent options don’t do anything compared to what I’ve experienced with the other characters.

Brain burst also has the problem that if I’m using it on a target and a team mate gets the kill, then I’m still stuck with a load of peril which can make me slower to respond to other threats as I’ll often have to quell.

The Psyker’s ultimate has some uses, but the amount of stagger/knockback you get feels pathetic compared to an Ogryn charge, and while it’s great for the ability to cast at 100% peril and then save yourself from exploding, it doesn’t feel like it quells enough of your peril to keep going in a high intensity combat without having to hide and quell manually too.


Talent tree could use more work, some qol like warp charges dropping 1 at a time, etc. Most of the problems i got with the class have already been outlined in the myriad of threads.

Still despite that i think psyker in capable hands if fully capable of carrying 4-5 difficulty runs and with small tweaks would feel just that much better.


Im not bothered with lack of talent synergy. I hate „talent build” giving you one option of OP and trash.

As for psycher… the class is extremely restricting…

  1. Trauma staff is simply bad, as knockback enemies join the backstabtide and are annoyance AF, plus aiming is poor and range hindered

  2. Purgatory staff… you cant see past warp fire, its effectiveness is cut by any cleave melee, veteran powersword or grenades. And worst of all it deals poorly with bulwark and has no ranged attack.

  3. Void staff is good exept if you dont kill you may not stagger ragers, plus it requires aiming

  4. surge staff is simply most viable. Ranged attack, easy of aim, multi target, VERY high stagger, full damage vs carapave maulers, goes through bulwark shield, high efficiency even on low charge, doesnt block vision.

  5. force sword - one if best push in the game, great single target damage. Other weapons for psycher are a joke

  6. brain burst from great in 1 and 2 difficuly, gets ok in 3, very weak in 4 and trap on damnation. BB i think even with 6 charges (talent) wont insta kill pox hound on 4 and 5. Only use is sniping bombers when they run and you cant chase with all the specials arround

  7. nothing to boost BB, paychers need class curios.

  8. generally powerful, very strong, but viability limited to 1 staff. Class should allow for far more.