Psyker Feedback

I agree to an extent. If the target has all of its hp taken in one blow, your proposed method would result in no pop still. I think your solution is good, but you should also still get a warp charge for charging the pop even if the enemy is killed by your allies while you’re charging, since sometimes you target a rando poxwalker just for the charge upkeep, only to have it killed by an ally in a single shot.

Oh! Also the charges should decay one by one. Once your 25 seconds are up, you should only lose one charge, not all of the ones you have. Warframe actually does this with their Merciless arcanes, since you have to get stacks to increase your damage by killing, and sometimes there just isn’t anything to kill, so having them all drop at once leaves you with a substantial drop in damage potential. Which… going into something like an assassination can suck majorly.

It’s probably a poor take, but I’m still finding it annoying that all the attacks are charge based making controls more fiddly than they should be.

Would much rather;
- Brain Brust can be assigned to an instant use click-and-release hotkey; it feels dumb that I’m constantly having to mash the button to switch to my hands(!) because it takes so long juggling buttons
- Staff special attack changed to channeling instead of charging; again it feels stupid to switch weapon, hold right click then press left click to shoot some lightning/fire, I’d much rather just hold right click to instantly start spraying while constantly generating peril instead of juggling buttons

I just hate faffing with controls, we can already use Psykinetic’s Wrath with a single hotkey whenever we want so why not extend it to other things?

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