Psyker doesn't feel great at 30

There are other threads I know so I’ll try to keep this one short(yeah right). I come as a Sienna main so it can be hard to put aside some of those expectations I have from VT2.

Psyker is having some massive identity issues at 30 and isn’t all that fun to play outside of a single set of talents and weapons. No matter how you build our talent tree we are all about stacking “charges” to make us stronger. Doing anything without these charges is hampering yourself as you are missing out on multiple different damage, survival, and sustain buffs. We only have ONE active way to build charges and that is Brain Burst. The problem with Burst being the only way for us to actively control our charges is the ability quickly loses viability the higher level your team is and the higher difficulty you play on. It is essentially an ability that allows a Psyker to “carry” at early levels because other classes have yet to access their full kits. This changes very fast as more weapons and talents become available to others and suddenly Burst is a slow and ineffective way to kill. We need another active form of gaining charges that isn’t tied to an ability that becomes situationally useful the better everyone gets at the game. Our passive forms of generation are inconsistent and not useful. Charges should drop off individually, last much longer and have more interactions with the rest of our kit. Our “charge spenders” provide little to no benefit when used outside of Quicken.

Psyker weapon list is horrible so far. I’ve only found 2 of our staves(Purge/Surge) useful and only one melee weapon, the Force Sword. Guns? Why would I want to shoot something with a gun when everyone else on my team is doing that? I don’t even get access to anything to help me shoot a gun better. Give Psykers a reason to choose a gun over a magic space staff. Our axes feel like Siennas crowbill…useless. Dagger and Dueling sword offer no benefit over the Force sword. Chain Sword is a laughable weapon for a Psyker who has a Force sword. Claw sword is the only weapon that has a potential use over the Force Sword and that is only due to it’s CC for crowds.

This post could seriously be another 5 paragraphs long. There are some amazing very well thought out posts on Psykers right now and I just wanted to add some more thoughts. Please don’t let Psyker come out in this state!