The Issue with Psyker Ranged Weapons

Posting here because I’ve heard that Fatshark might actually read it. Don’t know if that’s true, but figured I’d give it a shot.

Firstly, for the most part I very much enjoyed the beta. I have some gripes here and there, but there’s really one issue that’s the biggest sticking point for me. I came into this game 100% expecting to main Psyker. I main Sienna in VT2 and I’m a big fan of Psykers in 40k (I play Thousand Sons on the tabletop, just to give you an idea). I was all in on the space wizard thing.

But in the beta, the first eleven levels were a slog. I did not like the class that much until I hit 12. The force sword was fun, and the headpop was satisfying to use if not at all my speed (I prefer a crowd-control and wave clear role rather than elite headhunting). But it did not feel like I was playing a Psyker for one simple fact; my only option for ranged weapons were guns.

I know some people are really into the whole “psychic warrior” idea, and that’s totally fine. If you want to play a psyker ninja with a shotgun, go for it. More power to you. But I don’t. I want to play a full, 100% psyker, and I find it frankly pretty ridiculous that you have to grind for so long before you have that option. And I had it relatively easy because as soon as I hit 12 I found a staff in the store. Because of RNG, I’ve read posts on Reddit of people who got to level 15 or 20 before they found one.

I get it, we’re convicts, they’re not going to give us the best weapons until we’ve proven ourselves, but surely compromises must be made for the sake of gameplay. The Ogryn and Veteran both get unique weapons from level one. There’s no reason that the Psyker shouldn’t also. Just let me actually play the class that I bought the game to play instead of having to spend the first 11+ levels as a worse Veteran with some psychic abilities.


Would be nice if there was some other “grenade” spells. The headpop is nice, but I think there should be alternate spells that are crowd controlling type spells, like a big fireball that explodes or chainlighting etc.

That way you can customize how you play Psyker a bit better.

I also agree that the force staff should be unlocked earlier, maybe make it a level 5 unlock or something.


Other grenade might appear via other career.

If they keep it tied to the Career (Which I hope they don’t)

This is my greatest hope. Honestly if we had different options for our “grenade” and the staff was unlocked at a slightly lower level, I’d have no problems with the class whatsoever.

The archetypes don’t have careers.

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The Archetypes (Zealot/Ogryn/Veteran/Psyker) each have a single class (Respectively: Preacher/Skullbreaker/Sharpshooter/Telekine) with more to come

Fatshark’s naming system

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I just wanted to add to this thread instead of cluttering the forums by starting another one - there is, as of the insignia leak, only one force staff in the entire game.

Five lasgun variants, four autogun variants, but only one force staff? They couldn’t even be bothered to copy/paste more of Sienna’s staves from VT2? Holy hell. That’s a big kidney-punch to my excitement.

Yeah, but the leak shows archetype weapons and not the different patterns from those weapons. So its quite likely that the one shown force staff just counts as the archetype and there will be different patterns who do different stuff.

It’s possible, but it’s also entirely speculation.

Other weapons that have variants, like the lasgun, had those variants present in the beta. The force staff did not.

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Yeah, but most likely because it was generic weaponry.

It would be rather weird to just have one force staff available for the whole game. Though there are at least two other force swords that will most likely have a different weapon special, which is something new since Siennas melee weapons never had an overcharge mechanic and maybe Fatshark wants to hold the other force staffs for new Psyker careers. Would still be weird though, there should be at least two force staffs, one for cc and one for single-target.

The force staff will almost definitely have 4 to 6 different variants, each variant having different spells tied to them.

If not, this will be quite a downgrade from Vermintides staffs.

I doubt 6, but 4 at most, though i guess 2 it will be because of the force swords that will have an overcharge effect as well.

It’s also worth to note that Psykic powers are not 1:1 to what you can do lore-wise with Aqshy-spell effects.

For example I don’t see a fireball, flamestorm or conruscation staff.

Bolt would be useless since we have Brain Burst. Conflag makes most sense and this is what we got with “explosion” like from fireball to mix. “Force wave” we have from force sword.

So basically current Psyker kit has:

  1. Brain Burst as dedicated “snipe” so bolt stuff is irrelevant
  2. Conflag circle + fireball explosion in Force Staff
  3. Psykic “force missiles” on alt fir on Force Staff.
  4. “Force push” on force sword

So I think we maybe can see one more with effects I can’t think of (never been huge fan of psykers in 40k) but I doubt we will get more than that.

This is an incredibly limiting vision of psychic powers. In fact, there is five times the possible variety of powers here that there was in Vermintide 2, because Pyromancy exists (so the “fireball,” “flamestorm,” or “coruscation” staffs could in fact work just fine) and is just one of five Psychic Disciplines.

The other four are:

  • Biomancy
  • Divination
  • Telekinesis (I think this is what the Darktide Psyker currently uses, because “Psykinetic”)
  • Telepathy

There is a huge amount of possible variety in terms of spell effects.


And that’s only looking at the Rpg’s disciplines, as the TT feature spells that don’t really belong to any such category

And the Warpfrost from the Navigators

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Telekinesis will probably come back with V2 SOTT staff copy-paste effect.

There’s a Storm Witch class hinted at from cosmetics items, so maybe lightning based abilities, like chain lightning or soulstorm?

Vortex of Doom when?

VoD is quite unlikely, as it’s part of the Telekinesis discipline

I’d bet they will do all of the different Discipline bfore even thinking of doing a second round.

Well unless it’s on a staff. But i think it’s more appropriate for an Active

Seems you like Lore. So just wait. Theres plenty of Options for Psyker in Warhammer 30k/ 40k.
Dont forget, you are a Unsactioned Psyker at first(more or less, since you cant choose it that specifically).
So wheres the Fun in having that from the Beginning. You have to learn the Powers so to speak and get better. Hence new Staffs give you new Options.

And dont forget, not all was in the Beta. Enjoy lvling up and get more Powerful. You have all the Options in no time. I felt the Levelling up was pretty slow compared to V2. So maybe it will chaange who knows. But i really cant remember how long it took me to level up so ^^

When i saw the X-Ray for Teammates first time, first thing that came in my Mind was HH Descent of Angels. Zahariel Fighting i think it was a Calibanite Lion from which he Unleashed his Psycic powers for real. He was able to have Xray and Phase into the Lion and take his Heart out or crushed it. Please correct me if im wrong, maybe i i mix up 2 Fights with him.

After that you miss Lvling up, since you can only Grind for Weapons and switch Perks/ Feats for new Combos.

PS. Its called "Terrorsight! " specifically for Dark Angels
Some Legions have Unique Psyke Powers others dont.
So theres plenty of Opportunity