My experiences as a level 30 psyker

Hello all,

First of all I would like to preface this with saying that the game is amazing. I’m going to talk about the things that did not feel good to me, but know that I loved pretty much everything else.

I am a firm believer of the saying “users are great at finding problems but horrible at finding solutions”, so I’m going to do my best to just talk about my experiences and not about how I think they should be solved.


The way that weekly quests are done right now feels tedious and stressful. I think that the amount of runs required to do all quests is fine, but I just wish that they didn’t make me feel like I need to be playing the same character until I do all of them. I like to vary my classes every mission and I don’t want to partake in a mechanism that punishes me for doing that. I also don’t like that a good 2/3rd of the reward is only given if you complete all five of them.

Psyker base kit:

I love most of it. However, keeping warp charges stacked feels like a chore that promotes bad behavior. It feels like a maintenance buff, not something that’s exciting to get. Especially considering 2/3rd of the lvl 25 and 30 talents were designed to reward people for generating many many warp charges, I just wish that I had ways to generate them by just playing my chosen play style properly. And brain bursting a random poxwalker to keep my stacks up does not feel like the right way to play my class.

Also, the active ability just felt like a “perils panic button” until I got to my lvl 30 feats. I guess that that’s okay since brain burst is such a defining part of my kit though. Just saying that using it did not feel cool or exciting until I got lvl 30 feats.

Psyker weapons:

I love most of them. I’m not that big of a fan of the lightning and warpfire staves personally, but I know that other people are so that’s on me.

edit 1: Adding some clarifications to why I did not much enjoy the lightning and warpfire staves. The lightning staff felt like the ratio between “lightning time” and “charging time” was off. For something that’s supposed to control difficult situations, it didn’t feel good to have a 2 second warmup time. The warpfire staff was cool to use, but I really missed having a long-range left click.

Psyker feats:

As I mentioned above, I feel like getting the most out of the lvl 25 and 30 feats requires generating warp charges from otherwise poor decisions (that is to say, brain bursting wandering mobs and hoping that my teammates don’t steal the kill). I would really like more ways to generate warp charges by just playing my chosen play style.

The rest of my observations are all about the Soulblaze feats. They have already gotten a significant buff but I feel like most of them still aren’t quite there yet.

Ascending Blaze: The active part feels really good to use. The 10% chance to generate warp charges is definitely fun and something that I would like to see more of. The part that I do not like is that the soulblaze has to actually get the killing blow. I would rather see it have a lower chance to proc but being able to trigger on any burning enemy death.

Kinetic Overload: Really cool design if we can get good sources of warp charges. Damage might be a bit low. 4 stacks of soulblaze on an elite will hardly make a dent.

Wrack and Ruin: The idea is very cool, but given how rare it is to trigger I would wish that it actually dealt enough damage to kill the poxwalkers.

Thank you for reading! I hope that reading my experiences can help in further refining this game.

I would like to restate that even though I talked about the things that I did not like, I am having an absolute blast with the game. Thank you for putting your time, love and passion into this wonderful experience that I can share with my loved ones.


I started playing psyker just las night, and I instantly felt what you described. I realised I was spending more time looking for a head to pop than actually delivering the Emperor’s Might, which wasn’t really fun, or helpful to my team.

At the risk of being a user trying to find a solution, how I would like it to work is by having a bonus based on your level of peril rather than warp charge (not really a nrw solution, just like Sienna’s Unchained in VT2), or keep warp charges as they are but include a system by which you have a chance to gain a charge based on your accumulated level of peril, perhaps with diminishing returns.

Otherwise the class looks fun and I’m looking forward to discovering more of it.

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I’ll just keep linking to this :stuck_out_tongue:
The more feedback I can get on that idea, the more I can refine it.