Psycher needs to be stronger. Devs read please!

I just spent a couple of days slowly getting Psycher leveled up a bit and I have got to say… It really isn’t fun to me at all being so weak and clunky compared to pretty much every other class in the game… If I’m going to whip out my bare hands and forego all weapons I really need whatever warp magic I conjure up to hit HARD and FAST. Have you seen those Flamethrowers? Yeah… they make our force staff aoe look like poopoo. Complete doodoo. The damage the staff does is very low and the time it takes to charge up to a bigger circle is very slow. Completely not fun. Head pop does barely any damage and you can only use it twice before needing to quell. It is useful for taking out 1 or two snipers for the team or focusing a heavily armored foe but that is about it. And can I mention that all of this is coming at the expense of being extremely squishy on top of all that. In my opinion, the class REALLY needs to be stronger to be worth it. This is coming from some one who was very excited to mainly play only the Psycher class. The spells need to charge faster, hit harder, and have less resource cost or the Psycher will never be an asset to have on your team in it’s current state. I really hope one of the devs reads this. Thanks.

Psyker is much weaker for sure at the lower levels. Especially some of the force staffs. Except when you get your lightning Forcestaff, you become a CC machine + Armoured killer.

The headpop I found I rarely even use at lvl 30 as my force staff lightnings -everything- infront of me forcing them into a repeated stun. Its REALLY powerful and I’ve been clearing difficulty fours with it.

I do think for lower level’s the headpop needs a quicker charge up, it’s great in three’s but only when your surrounded by your team mates to keep your back not exposed. Otherwise when your touching say endless horde or 4’s you don’t have time to charge up a headburst.

The Flame Staff is cool though I feel it’s too weak in it’s current state, sure the benefit as a psyker is you don’t need ammo but compared to the flamer- it just doesnt seem worth it compared to being able to lighting the entire battlefield whilst your team makes easy pickings off your CC’ing.

The Burst Staff that gives a small AoE radius is poor, it’s design is for regular mobs but it’s useless against everything else and even then, the AoE radius for the staff is tiny. It’s not decently viable in 4’s or higher.

The charge up blast staff is good- great at holding a line and you can get it with a modifier that allows it to pass through a target. I’ve not really however tried using it too much.

All in all, Brain Burst needs a small buff, it needs to charge up faster. Until then, you won’t see me using it at all in higher difficulties despite my class being centered around it.


I agree with you and I am glad to hear that there is at least a decent staff to use at later levels.