Ps5 when?

Some of developer can answer to my question ?
I love 40k and IG and makes my upset this game not coming on ps5. Why is only for Xbox you wont earn money from ps players this is so stupid move rly. I want one LETS SOME DEV SAY THIS GAME WILL BE ON PS5 IN FUTURE. Peace

We’re looking to ship the game on Xbox Series X and Steam but will discuss other platforms in the future.


thank you for the answer, I hope that after the premiere of the game you will start releasing it on ps5 I will be waiting impatiently
PS. They are be karaskins ?

Stop complaining get a PC and stop bloating Sony’s wallets and their lack of crossplay.

nobody asked you to tell me how to live. I Play on ps because i like it.

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Ps Vs Xbock

no hard choice, really!

but a good Comp wont hurt i guess XD hahah

I dont need new Comp if i have a PS. For work i need only phone so why do i need a new computer + i dont have money to new comp. Peace

if I remember correctly, Darktide is Console Launch exclusive, meaning that it may take some time (at least a year I guess) till they can even start considering Playstation port.

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