PS4 SoTT Bug that disables enemy and allied AI

PS4 Legend Festering Ground
Playing as SoTT 233111 Glaive Moonbow
Bot allies:
WHC 233323 Rapier BoP
Merc 113322 Spear and Shield Repeater
Ironbreaker 333211 Dual Hammers Trollhammer

Final Event second area 4/13 cleansed
Gunrat spawns and starts shooting
I place a wall
I earn achievement for 500 shots blocked
I place a second wall as the first expires
I place a third wall as the second expires
Gunrat pops a buboe 5/13
I step into the bush and use moonbow to kill the Gunrat
Wall expires
Bots move to the Gunrat corpse
WHC and Merc have guns out and stay that way for the rest of the match never moving from that spot
IB and I move to the exit of the second cave to get to the third
Lots of enemies are frozen in place
Don’t react when I shoot or melee
Miniature horde horn sound plays
Enemy AI reactivates
Bardin dies to gas and flamerat
WHC and Merc do not react

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