[PS4] Constant Lobby Disconnects and "Soft" Crashes When Players Leave Lobbies

Been having a very frustrating issue where if any player leaves a lobby, the entire lobby will soft crash and the words “Lost contact with host, trying to reconnect” will flash at the bottom of the screen. Connection will not be re-established, and all players will have bugged lobbies, unable to connect to other games or host their own. All players will need to restart the Vermintide 2 app.

There was a 100% reproduction rate for me last night every time someone left a game/lobby, which has made QP’ing consecutive games very, very painful. It does not matter whether you are host or client, the lobby will just boot everyone.

Sorry to hear this Exan - I’ve passed this on to our Console Developers.

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Thank you kindly, Julia! Appreciate all you guys do! :slight_smile:

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