PS4 keep crash upon player closing app

Issue Summary:
Tried searching but didn’t see anything so in case the hasn’t been brought up yet I’ll point out a reproducable crash which occurs when a player in the party closes their Vermintide 2 application without first leaving the game or exiting to the main menu. This causes the remaining party members to freeze and be unable to interact with anything in the keep while a “Lost contact with host” message displays. The issue does not resolve if players continue to wait, and the issue does not happen if players first leave the party or exit to the main menu instead of immediately closing the app.

Thank you for reading I’m loving all the improvements you have thrown at this great game so far, here’s hoping you can keep it up!

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. 2-4 players in the same party sitting in the keep
  2. One player (not the host) closes their app without going through the in-game menu
  3. Remaining players are unable to interact and will freeze when attempting to do so, necessitating a restart of their own apps.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One)

Often (< 75%)
Somewhere in here
Constant (100%)

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