[PS] Hotfix 1.31

  • Reverted the majority of economy changes in the Chaos Wastes.
  • Fixed a crash when claiming multiple quest rewards where (at least) one reward is a cosmetic.
  • Fixed a crash when throwing grenades.
  • Fixed a crash when enemies despawned and spawned in at the same time due to packet loss.
  • Fixed crash when being knocked down while affected by Blazing Revenge.
  • Fixed other, various unspecifiable crashes.
  • Fixed players with bots triggering rush intervention. Specials should now be at a manageable level. Solo players, rejoice!
  • Fixed a softlock caused by players pushing Shadow Lieutenants in the pit at the middle of the Temple of Shadows arena.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the DLC promotion screen when a second controller is connected.

All good but major crashes are still not fixed. Since new update I finished like 2/10 games without crash. Also game is lagging and its not about internet connection. I lag even as a host. Twitch mode is still not fixed (talking about monster spawns which is known for long time). Bots are even more dumb as before. I pay money for new skins etc and I expect to somebody care about this game. I feel like every € spent for this game goes to Darktide budget which is not cool. Don’t forget people still play Vermintide and still gonna play after Darktide release. I feel robbed because every update making game performance worse and, worse. Its cool that developers add new content to the game but for Sigmar’s sake, make sure it works properly and wont make game working worse than before. I know 90% of PS players are playing on lower difficulty and dont have that many issues but there are still some players who play legend and cataclysm and we suffer because all of new content. We cannot play this game anymore because of all these crashes, loosing connection and lags. Its just annoying and I feel this game and PS community is already abandonned by Fatshark. You propably don’t even know how to fix all of these issues but at least don’t make it worse every patch.
With regards, Whiskoala

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I believe there will be another fix coming soon, I just need to see when and what it contains.

We’re aware of memory crashes, which we’ve alerted the console team internally about.


There’s even more crashes… Is this bs ever gonna be fixed? Does any of developers have balls to confornt players and explain what is going on? We pay you money for cosmetics and dlc so you can improve Vermintide not for new game release which is propably gonna be as bugged as Vermintide. Aqshy, I appreciate that you reply. You are the only one from this team who speaks with community

Hey there!

Our console developer has been out so that delayed things some, but I just checked in (was on vacation to a family wedding, myself!). It looks like we’ll be submitting to cert on the 15th. From there, it’s a matter of getting a yay or nay from Sony. I believe there are some crash fixes in there, but I need to play catchup a bit more to see what they are (I have a sync Friday). This patch, when it’s released, should get you up to date to PC.

Hang in there!

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Hi, any updates about CE-34878-0 on auth step?

Thank you.