Problems with WoM from a supporters PoV

As an introduction to my experience level, I have around 2500 hours in the game. I’ve played exclusively ONS and DWONS since Grim released Onslaught to the public. I don’t mean this as a brag in any sort of way, but I just think its important to note the baseline of where I come from. Part of the reason I enjoy the changes isn’t because “the base game is too easy.” I enjoy the changes because after so many hours, learning new mechanics and a new meta means you get to go through the process of “gitting gud” all over again. For me, that is the fun part of this game.

Let me start by saying that I am part of the minority that was looking forward to WoM and I overall enjoy the new content. However, there are a few things that I think are legitimate problems with the current design.

  1. Beastmen animations appear to be broken. I regularly get hit through block because they deal damage before they complete their animations. This is consistent with audio queues as well I will regularly take damage and THEN hear the “whoosh.” Also, the way they hyper stack and the dark color scheme makes their animations very difficult to see in dense hordes.

  2. THP changes - with the current THP changes, on kill has quickly become the new meta (stagger for some weapons.) With how fast THP decays, this means that even on Cata, your team is running through the level fighting for ambient kills so they do not lose all of their THP. In addition, running on kill means your teammates are often trying to snipe elite kills. This can be toxic because it encourages kill stealing over team play. In addition, it makes running with a longbow or crossbow player somewhat challenging as their main role is to steal all the good THP.

In addition, the reduced THP generation overall combines with the increased friendly fire to make some reapons “toxic.” I love me some pyro fireball, but man does it eat through THP. In some ways, it adds another element to the game because you have to decide when its worth it to burn some friendlies and when you should just melee. However, I do really miss just spamming balls into my team and doing 800 FF while they temp gen through it.

  1. This one is very minor, but stop with the tedious grinding. PLEASE.

Overall, thanks for the content update! I’ll definitely be spending the next month or two learning to play again and it’s something I genuinely look forward to.


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