Problems with gaining experience and rewards in the game

Playing the game for the second day without getting daily rewards and experience for missions. The button to get a daily award is just not active. I don’t get experience for the mission after I complete it (I’m still level 1). After re-entering the game, all progress in daily tasks is reset. Also, the already passed act just disappears and closes, as if I did not pass it. I attach screenshots after re-entering the game, given that before re-entering I went through the entire first act and completed 3 daily tasks (I did not get awards for them, because I just could not)

It sounds like you may be playing on the ‘Modded’ realm, as opposed to the ‘Official’ realm. Your realm can be changed using the checkboxes next to the ‘Play’ button in the Vermintide 2 launcher, keep us posted!

oh, my bad, ty.

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