Problem with rerolling traits, and how to fix it

So the 2 main problems are:

  1. Rerolling the same trait over and over again. This should just be ‘fixed’, because i see no reason for it to exist in the game. Why would i be rerolling the trait if i wanted the exact one i have now?
  2. Rolling all the traits but the one you need. I think there should be a system, which would shift the chance towards getting the trait, which you haven’t rolled yet(after 20 rolls i’d say it should be 100% for 1 remaining, 50/50 if you haven’t rolled 2 and etc). Right now it’s pure luck, and as you can get what you want on the first roll, you also can get everything but that after rolling 20+ times(pray that 10 of those are not the same one you have in a row). The randomness of loot and crafting is not a (totally)bad thing, but i think there should be something to ensure that you will eventually get what you wan’t, even if rng is not cooperating.

Repeat rolls are the absolute worst, there’s already enough garbage tier traits that I don’t need to be getting Herioc Intervention 7 times in a row to already be wasting my time.


I think this solution is better.

You guys do know that you can change the character to fix the bug right? It does happen at lot, and sometimes you waste 2-3 dust before you noticed it’s bugged. But it is indeed a bug. If you roll the same trait 3 times, something went wrong. I’ve even tested this before and kept rerolling until I used 20 dust and it still hadn’t changed. Simply hit the “h” button, select a new char, roll the same item and it changes.

It is a shame it is so few traits.

Why abandon many perfectly interesting and fun traits from v1?
It makes no sense to me.

To sell them in DLC?

I can imagine few things more infuriating.
There was 30+ weapon traits, for ranged and melee combined in V1, and now there’s 6 traits for melee weapons and 8 for ranged. Of course certain traits would’ve retired anyway, like bloodlust and regrowth with the introduction of temporary health, and rupture with hero power. But improved guard, backstabbery, knockback and perfect balance were all great and fun traits in my opinion.

One of the many ways V2 has gone backwards.

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Like what?

Certainly more traits would make the current “reroll” system even worse.

It is infuriating already with 6 traits, now imagine having to reroll thousands of times to get the one trait you want out of 30+ possibilities.

I’d rather they changed the crafting system first of all.

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The problem right now is that the few traits there are, some are just inferior and not worth using.
You’d spend hundreds, sometimes over a thousand tokens to get the right trait combination you wanted in V1.

Obviously getting the same trait you already have when rerolling is unbelievably dumb, and it amazes me it was decided it was a good idea, but we also need more variety.

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Oh I am all for variety, don’t get me wrong. As long as they change the crafting system first.

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That’s exactly why I think that traits and properties should be chosen for fixed amount of dust, not being rolled. That, and the amount of time and frustration, that is going to be saved by this change.


For once, I completely agree.

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