Premium Skin Bug/ Missing Items/ Improvements

This was 900 Aquilas…

So the Nightsights are not working at all. Whats the point having. ALso it need a Reference point at the Front Sight, a small one would be enough (tilting)
They glow when its Bright and dark when in Darkness ?! :thinking: hehe
Sry was in MIlitary so i know… ^^

Missing Tube…
Tube at the front. Maybe not possible or better not enough time to work on it. I can imagine that if it has to move around its finnicky to do since head Animations.

We have A Backspack Slot now, for the Price of Premiums there should always be a Backpack aswell or something.
On the Ogryn you dont get Trinkets and no backpack… But the same Price

That guy is supposed to be Armageddon Steel Legion not Death Korps

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okay sry then :astonished:.
they look very similar… but tube ^^
Im more 30k Crack than 40k

i got the Armageddon Game but its hard to tell ho they look there hehe

I do think adding night sights and tweaking the iron sights in general would be good