Preacher and another Penances promotion of toxic and selfish behavior

preacher penance are absolutely not suitable for groups. You would rather do them solo because you have a better chance of getting them. You go away from the team in the hope of not having any of your mates nearby. This is completely fail from the actual game style. So you have in different missions the situation that there is one there is someone playing solo and there is someone standing solo. For what? Exactly the Penance tasks designed for solo play. This is so open it must say, promotion of toxic and selfish behavior in a 4man fireteam? You don’t have to understand the logic behind it, do you?

Has anyone sat down and that times getest and real conditions.

ALso only for example this mutant task, have reached the which. If I look at the records then üpber bug using wall glitching etc… Great job.

The task to heal itself by 100HP is totally freaky. heavy attacks take too long, light attacks into a horde pure and there fall dozens of enemies in dirt should be damage enough or? How can it be that I only have 15-20 or now 91. And no one has helped because I was extra far away from the team. Of course I went down and in that section no one could help me pick up.

In addition, some of the skills do not work properly. I can’t perform a melee attack in my Ulti. Even starting the heavy attack before and then using the Ulti does not work on the mutant. The mutant that just a team mate ansprintet grabs me although came from behind. Sry but this is absolutely stupid and is beyond what you have to do in a mission. This leads as above that one makes the mates mad, even my friends then had no desire to try it. They wanted to play and that is the goal of the game. Now I try that in t1 but usually blasts me the someone away as soon as you inform in chat about what you intend. Yesterday I tried the 100 HP self Heal there was someone who wanted to block the ogryn I wrote go into another map I only do that and leave if it does not work. Is this your goal for the future of the game?

psyker here penances are designed for toxic play :slight_smile: join and leave style

Been a thing for awhile now. Chances of it changing are 50/50, imo.

I was titled yesterday in group chat silo t4 with the following saying. Bolter Kid you destroyed my penance. After that he/she left the group. Also better so afterwards the server crashed briefly, probably he would have given me for it also still the blame.

From my point of view, the Penance are a wonderful group dynamic, of which more would be best, after all, you want to reach the level of League of Legends. Which I played 1x and then no longer wanted. The team mates are so incredibly friendly like an acid bath