Pre-Order Winds of Magic Today!

Please confirm: All balance changes will be live tonight for everyone regardless of pre order as of 9pm tonight CEST?

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With my speed connection I’ll play tomorrow :astonished::flushed::pleading_face::disappointed_relieved::cry::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Can we get patch notes an hour or so ahead of 11pm release?

I will publish patch notes in around 10 minutes.


Downloading!!! (37.7Gb)

16’79€ :thinking: rare number…

Please think about Handgun and Longbow breakpoints… or Huntsman and Ranger Veteran will lose almost every advantages.


I think it’s just been put as the equivalent amounts in all significant currencies. $20, 16.79 €, 15.49£. That’s equality.



How do you get the beta access once you pre-order?


:wink: :wink:
Doing it again, Hedge, pls let me do this every big patch :heart:

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You just need to patch the game bud, the beta works concurrently with the live game provided you have pre-ordered.

Gotcha. I’m not home at the moment so I just wanted to check. Thanks!

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ok, you are right. 15.95€ in pre sale

preordered and reinstalled the game no idea how to join the beta still the live version

No need to join it specifically; as long as you’ve preordered and downloaded the patch, you’re in. I did it, too.