Poxwalker Dave [Mutator Idea]

I just thought of a really dumb idea for a mutator.

Basically there’s a poxwalker named Dave and everytime a poxwalker spawns there’s a 0.5% chance for that poxwalker to be Poxwalker Dave. Poxwalker Dave has a black glowing aura around him to distinguish him from the other poxwalkers. There can only be one Poxwalker Dave active at any one time.

So what does Poxwalker Dave even do? Well he’s normal in everyway except for one, he has 100x more health then a regular poxwalker. A damnation Poxwalker has 300 iirc, multiply that by 100 and you get 30k.

So basically all this mutator does is spawn in a ridiculously tanky poxwalker every now and again to troll players.


I wouldn’t be against better or even an Elites Poxwalkers tbh.

Like Vox Shambler (Geller Pox):

Tougher but not so tough, can cause corruption.

And Plaguebearers:

As real Elites, on the same level as Crusher or Mauler, and being the base for both Specials (Bile Pipers) and Lords (Heralds)

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Yeah, elite poxwalkers would also be a pretty nice addition to the game. Would make the infested damage perk more useful if their were more infested enemy types.

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